Friday, October 1, 2010

This Week

We've had a great week! We've been playing the games we won from Gretta's blog. We've played Doodle Dice 37 least! Cody loves it and has won every single time! I think he's rigged it somehow:)

As far as schooling, Cody has been mostly working on geography, math, reading, and handwriting. Brit's reading two different biology books, a general science book, economics, and world history. She also started reading Journey to the Center of the Earth again. She seems to like it better this time. Britney asked if we could start learning in depth about different countries. I'm sure that will include dressing up and cooking new meals, so watch out for pictures:) Karen uses these books and loves them. They're What the World Eats and Material World: A Global Family Portrait. I think I know where my birthday money is going:) We've decided to start with the largest continent first and will work our way down from there. So...we're off to Asia next week!

We've also had the opportunity to get together with our friends twice this week. We met up at Karen's for lunch on Wednesday and had a fantastic time.

Then today we went to skate day. The kids had a did the moms and dads:)

After skate day, we went home and chilled out with Bobby for a while. Then we grabbed a bite to eat and went to Rhodes Ferry Park. It was cool and windy, so we didn't get to stay as long as we wanted.

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