Thursday, October 14, 2010

Psycho Kitty

I think Thomas has some sort of chemical imbalance. He's sporadic with his affections. One second he's happily purring while I pet him, and the next he is trying to devour my hand. It's not just me. He does it to everyone. We all have been scratched and bitten. So has the furniture and carpet. He attacks us out of nowhere and sinks his claws into our legs. I swear I can hear his evil cat laughter while he runs away to hide.


  1. We had a cat that did something similar when I was a kid and we called him "Spooky" because he would hide and jump out and attack your feet and lower legs all the time. He always either bit your or drew blood with his claws.

  2. I think it's grey cat syndrome. Of the 7 cats we have housed in the last 5 years, only the grey one was insane. She still is. We pet her with our feet because she (at 6) is still prone to whip around and nail your hand.


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