Saturday, September 26, 2009

Animal Lover

I love animals. I love the furry kind, and I have a new found love of the scaly variety. My dad and step-mom have birds, so I like the feathered as well. I love the smell of a puppy's breath and paws, and horse smell is my favorite thing ever. Man, I could just breath in a horse for hours. I love watching animals and learning new things about them. For instance, have you ever seen a snake drink? It's pretty cool. It's almost like they're drinking from a straw.

However, there's one certain animal that I don't like very much. I suppose my dislike for them all started when I was around 13. You know, that tough tom boy I used to be? The one who was completely fearless, strong, and the least 'girly' thing you could imagine. Yep...that was me. And then one day, I walked outside barefoot. The washer and dryer were in a room on the back of our house. I had to walk down the stairs and around to the door. Anyway, when I went out the door, I stepped right on top of a slug. Slug snot shot out across the yard, and on my foot, and I screamed and did the GIRLIEST dance you have ever seen. AH...GROSS!!! So pretty much since then, I avoid the little buggers.

I would like to point out that before this happened, a friend of mine had a resident slug that would eat the cat's food everyday. We named him Rocky. Rocky Slug. He was a far superior slug and he shall be remembered.

I took the garbage out tonight. Yes, at midnight, that's what I choose to do with my time.

I walked outside, barefoot 'cause I'm a genius. Logan and Cassie were quite happy to have a late night visitor, so I played and petted and Logan fetched...good times...good times. I started back in the house, and looked down just in time to stop myself from stepping on the fattest slug the world has ever seen. Oh my! It's SLUGZILLA!!! So I did what any sane person would do. I went inside and got my camera.

I wish you could really see how big this guy actually is. He is HUGE! Like a fat, stubby sausage. YUCK...bad camparison.
His little brother.
"I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy..."
Sorry. I love Dory:)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bokeh Assignment

Photo Contest Results

Color Nature 1st

Black & White Human Interest 1st

Color Animal 2nd

Color Human Interest 3rd

Black & White Human Interest 3rd

Britney also entered the contest. She entered five photos and placed four of them!! Great job Brit!!!

Color Animal 1st
Color Nature 1st

Color Animal 2nd

Color Nature 2nd

Congratulations to everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME!!

I was kind of excited about my birthday this year. No particular reason why. I just wasn't dreading it like I thought I would. The big 3-0 is quickly approaching, ya know?! Well, I had a wonderful birthday! Yesterday, we slept late and took our time getting ready. It was a good day to drink coffee and lounge. 'Rain...Rain...Go away.' After we got dressed, Bobby took us to Olive Garden for lunch! Yum...soup, salad and bread sticks! Thanks baby!

Then we went to the Halloween store to check out their costumes, decorations, makeup, etc. They had some really cool things...and some things that even Cody thought were freaky. The talking Hannibal Lecter would be a nice addition to anyone's home, though. We also took the opportunity to play a little dress up.

Peace man!

After we got home, the kids surprised me with a cake. Thanks my sweet babies!

Today is my SIL's birthday. Elisa and Donna came over and we went out to lunch to celebrate.

After we ate lunch, Donna and I were 'forced' to wear sombreros while everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to us. Well, I didn't mind wearing it but I don't think Donna enjoyed it:)

Britney, Elisa, Donna, Bobby, Me and Cody

Today is also a special day for me because it's the 6th anniversary of the day a quit smoking. GO ME!

I have such awesome friends! They planned a get together for my birthday! This afternoon, we met Cathy, Kaitlin, Karen, and Keilee at Sutherland Station in Huntsville.

Nice look for me, huh?

Karen and me

Price check

When we were finished there, we went to Books-A-Million where we met Esther and Chandler. We looked around for a while and went to eat at Moe's next door. We've never been to Moe's before and we're so happy we finally had a chance to go. It was REALLY good! It's LOTS of food for a reasonable price and on Tuesdays after 6:00 pm, kids eat FREE! My favorite 'F' word!!

Keilee giving me my alien birthday card. I wonder if she's trying to tell me something...

Um...thanks for clarifying...UN-NO SUGAR in the SWEET TEA.

For months I've heard about Fresh Market. I've heard about the double-dipped chocolate malt balls. I've heard about the candy for the kids to choose from. I've only heard until today. Today I saw! It's wonderful and I may have a new favorite place to go in Huntsville. We were there for an hour and didn't get to look at half the store.

Cody called it 'Candy World'

He had so much fun going through the different candy, Halloween goodies and fruit. They had baby watermelons that he thought were so cool! I'm assuming Britney had a good time, since we hardly saw her. She was running around the store with Kaitlin, Keilee and Chandler, picking out her candy and having a wonderful time.

I think Bobby enjoyed the coffee more than anything. It smelled SO good. We bought enough to sample a couple different flavors. I picked out Georgia Pecan. I can't wait to taste it!

I really want to thank everyone who made my birthday special. I know my friends went out of their way for me today, and I want them to know how much I appreciate it. Thank you Cathy, Karen, and Esther! I love you all so much!!

And a huge THANK YOU to my family! Because of you, I was able to enter the photo contest without dipping into the bank account. That was a big help!! 8x10 prints, poster board, and double-sided tape really add up! I was also able to buy myself some new clothes, which I really needed!

I just want to thank everyone!! I love you all so much!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Morgan County Fair Photo Contest Entries

Color Animal #1

Color Animal #2

Color Animal #3

Color Object

Black and White Object

Color Portrait #1

Color Portrait #2

Black and White Portrait

Color Nature #1

Color Nature #2

Color Nature #3

Color Human Interest #1

Color Human Interest #2

Black and White Human Interest #1

Black and White Human Interest #2

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Jammies

I found Halloween fabric that I bought Cody last year. Wow! I'm really on top of things! I've been quite busy today measuring, pinning, cutting, and sewing. I was able to make him two pairs out of the 'new' old fabric plus a pair that's half and half. Those are his favorite of course. Cody has 4 new pairs of pajama pants!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Pajama Pants

Finding clothes that fit Cody has been difficult to say the least. It's easier now, but we still have trouble with his pants. (Adjustable waist jeans are a life saver!!) I've made him several pairs of pajama pants in the past but it's been a while. All of them look more like capris than pants. With cooler weather on the horizon, making him new ones has been on the top of my priority list.

Cody picked this funky, skeleton, happy halloween fabric the other day. I made them this afternoon in between laundry and supper. Huh...I'm getting better at multitasking. Anyway, here they are. Cody LOVES them!!

Where we've been as a family