Thursday, March 31, 2011


After running our errands yesterday, which included a trip to Publix to buy 5 Lady Speed Stick deodorants for $1.13 including tax:) we stopped by the Cook's museum.

Obligatory alligator pictures

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life Rocks!

The Life Rocks! Radical Unschooling Conference is less than two weeks away. I can't even begin to explain how badly we want to go. After talking about it tonight, Cody was literally jumping up and down. He could not contain his excitement:) Just thinking about all of the new experiences we could have is very exciting for all of us. It's thrilling to think about all of the people we would meet and connections we would make...all of the things we would learn.

From us to Conway, NH is 1300 miles. We would drive through Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. That's four new states for me and the kids! Although, they were both so young when we went to New Jersey, they don't remember it. We would be less than 10 miles from Maine, so we might have to add that to the list.

The conference is being held at the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort which looks pretty fantastic. Along with your room, you get passes to their indoor water park. I suppose that's a good thing, since they're expecting 1 to 3" of snow in the next couple of days!

The conference is packed with presentations, sessions, joy shops, a dance, talent show, performers, wildlife encounter, and SO much more. Not to mention Amy Steinburg will be there sharing her many wonderful talents in a private concert. How freakin' awesome would that be?!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An experience

We had an experience today with a woman we were meeting for the first time who was a guest in our home. We were eating our lunch and she began asking Britney a question, stopped, looked at me and said "Never mind, I'll ask your mom. All kids lie" I can't tell you how that made me feel. I was so angry and hurt for Brit. I told her that our kids don't lie, and she acted like she didn't hear me. I just can't get it out of my head. After they left, we talked about it and realized how blessed we are. Even though it was a hurtful experience, it made us realize something. We have surrounded ourselves with positive people who love and respect their children.

We treat our children as people...not as beings that will eventually be important.

"When we adults think of children there is a simple truth that we ignore: childhood is not preparation for life; childhood is life. A child isn't getting ready to live; a child is living. No child will miss the zest and joy of living unless these are denied by adults who have convinced themselves that childhood is a period of preparation. How much heartache we would save ourselves if we would recognize children as partners with adults in the process of living, rather than always viewing them as apprentices. How much we could teach each other; we have the experience and they have the freshness. How full both our lives could be."
John A. Taylor

Friday, March 25, 2011

Target, CVS & Kroger

Here's what I bought today:
2 Aquafresh Extreme Clean (Travel Size) ~ $.97 each
Used 2 $1/1 coupon
Paid $.17

There were other items I intended to purchase, but they were sold out.

2 bottles Listerine ~ On sale for $1.00 each
(I was going to buy 4 bottles, but they only had 2)
Used 1 $2/2 coupon
Paid $o.00! That's right...completely FREE!

20 Michelina's entrees ~ $.88 each w/ card
Used 4 $1/5 coupons
$.68 each

4 Ronzoni Quick Cook pasta ~ $.49 each w/ Mega Sale
Used 2 $1/2 coupons

2 4.4 lb Pedigree Dog Food ~ $3.99 each w/ Mega Sale
Used 2 $3/1 coupons
$.99 each

4 Pure Protein bars ~ $.99 each w/ card
Used 2 BOGO coupons
$.49 each

2 tubs Country Crock ~ $1.29 each w/ Mega Sale
Used 2 $.40/1 coupon
$.89 each

2 Heluva dips ~ $.99 each w/ Mega Sale
Used 2 $1/1 coupons

I also bought orange juice with no coupon
$2.69 w/ card

Paid: $23.97 for $56.61 worth of groceries.
61% savings @ Kroger

Thursday, March 24, 2011


While trying to decide what to wear hiking to Caney Falls, I quickly realized I did't have appropriate hiking apparel. My clothes that fit me last year shrank? Yeah, I'll go with that. What I had on first, well...let's just say that the Polish blood still runs strong in me:) I ended up wearing a pair of Bobby's old, worn out shorts and one of his t-shirts. I look like him in that picture where Cody's on my shoulders. Go look. I'm serious. Especially with his sunglasses on, too. Anyway, I know I'm overweight but I don't want to look like a dude. So Cody and I went to Academy yesterday and I bought clothes. None of the pants on the clearance rack fit me. My size was too small and the next size up was too big. Bummer. I ended up with a pair of pants that roll up and button to make capris, or I can unzip to make into shorts. I'm really liking them. I also bought a pair of lightweight capris that are super comfy. I did find a pair of pants for Brit on the clearance rack. I hope they fit her.

Up at the cash registers are watches. Cody went over to look at them, and found one he REALLY liked. He asked me to take a picture of it so he could show Bobby. I took the picture and realized the package was open, so I yanked the watch out and tried it on him. Guys, it fit! I don't think he could have been any happier. All night he was telling me how much he loves his watch and thanking me over and over for buying it for him. I can only hope Brit is as excited about her pants:)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Caney Falls

Esther sent out an email to see who would be interested in taking a hike to Caney Falls. We've been to Bankhead with the group, but to look at Kinlock Falls and to play in Thompson Creek. We had never made it to Caney before and really wanted to go.

I packed up a cooler full of water, snacks and lunch and a backpack with sunblock (which I didn't remember to put on...anyone) hats, extra socks and a change of clothes for Cody. Oh, and a small first aid kit, which came in handy. We rode with Cathy because her car gets crazy good gas mileage. Thanks Cathy!

Cathy and Kaitlin picked us up around 9:00 and we headed to the trading post in Wren to meet up with everyone.

This place has a lot of...weird things. Cody found this pile of coyote tails and LOVED them. He wanted one so much. It reminded him of the Mario where he turns into Raccoon-Flying Mario. I don't even know how he knows about the game...we don't own it, but now he owns a coyote tail. It's the little things guys.

This is the Alabama Swamp Monkey
See? Weird.

It's the mile and a half back that you should worry about.

There were several local dogs that all seemed friendly enough. We tried to shoo them off since Esther and brought her three dogs. One fat, white dog decided to follow us to the falls.

See Esther's little black dog, Zephyr? Fat, white dog attacked her shortly after this picture was taken. They were on the other side of the water, and out of nowhere...BAM! We heard yelping and screaming and saw Jake kick white dog off of Zep. Everyone was yelling at white dog and throwing stuff at him. He took off after that. Zephyr has some puncture wounds and is a bit shaky, but I think she'll be okay. Poor puppy.


After Cody went under the waterfall, he changed his clothes and tried to warm up. The rest of the group, except for Heather and G, hiked down to see the other falls. I decided to start hiking back up to the top where it was warmer...Cody was cold and sat out in the sun warming up like a lizard.

I now understand why this is called 'Heart Attack Rock'

Cody and I went ahead and hiked back to the cars. I thought I would try to dry his clothes out a little:)

Brit fell a couple times.

We sat up by the cars and ate lunch and chatted. Then we went to Brushy Lake to check out their campground. Then Cathy's car started acting up, so we headed back. Her car seems fine now, just over heated with the windy roads and air conditioner going. We ate dinner with Cathy and Kaitlin and they dropped us off at home. 'Us' being Cody and myself. They took Brit home with them. I may never see her again...

Who's ready to go hiking again?!

Where we've been as a family