Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coupons's official. I'm one of those coupon people. I am now the kind of person that holds up the line while the cashier scans a handful of savings for me...and I LOVE it!

I have been preparing for a couple of days...clipping and printing coupons and researching sales online. There is so much information out there. Tonight was our first run and I am quite pleased with the results.

We went to Target, Walmart and is what I bought, spent and saved!

4 bags of 3 oz Popchips $2.69 each
2 tubes Aquafresh toothpaste (travel size) $.97 each
5 cans 3.5 oz Good Life cat food $.65 each

Total without coupons $17.95
Paid $2.32


2 Shout Wipes (travel size) $.97 each
2 Reach Dental Floss $.97 each
5 bags (22 lbs total) Pedigree Dog Food $4.37 each

Total without coupons $28.05
Paid $9.05


2 PediaCare 4 oz medicine $6.99 each
2 16 ozCoffeeMate $2.49 each

Total without coupons $17.39
Paid $1.55

Total paid was $12.92. I saved $50.47!! If Target had had the dog food, I would have saved an additional $1.85. I have 5 cans of cat food sitting on my kitchen table. We don't have a cat...but it was FREE! Anyone need some cat food?
Plus, I received a $1.50 off coupon @ Walgreens for PediCare.

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  1. Hey yeah, bring that cat food out here Thursday. LOL
    That's a great haul!


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