Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

Jason Voorhees

Bloop the Mouse

Brit and Kaitlin waiting on everyone to get to our house.

This house was all decked out. The kids loved it! This picture just cracks me up. Do you see the cat?

We were followed by this guy for a while.

The highlight of Cody's night!
Jason vs Michael!

I know this picture is horrible, but it's just so funny! We were walking from Michael's house to stop next door and Michael quietly walked up behind Kaitlin and touched her shoulder!

Chandler and Brit
Cat and Mouse

Trading Candy

Cathy with Zephyr and Tiny

Esther and Matt

Me and Esther

The kids showing off their loot!

Spider Monkey

Have you ever wondered what a spider monkey hyped up on Mt. Dew really acts like? Come on. I know you've heard the expression before. Well, I used to envision this guy
running all over the house, on the furniture, tables, the microwave, clawing and scratching people, while screeching his banshee cry. I was correct on all accounts, except he actually looks like thisI keep telling him Crack is Whack and Just Say No, but he is clearly addicted to something. Jesus, please protect us from the spider monkey cat. Amen.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


The Halloween spirit has very much been in our house lately. We've added scary movies to our Netflix. Plus, there's tons of scary stuff on TV right now. Cody has talked about chainsaws pretty much non stop and had been counting down the days. He woke up this morning and immediately said "IT'S TOMORROW!" We watched a show about UFO's and crop circles this morning, as well as a very interesting show about the USS Hornet. We'd like to visit that! Too bad it's in California.

The kids watching Friday the 13th VI yesterday.
Notice Cody's holding his axe
Then Cody watched Friday the 13th VII...surely to God that's the last one. How many of the same movie do they need to make?

We're going trick or treating tomorrow as a group, which we are all very excited about. Most, if not all of the churches here, decided to have their fall festivals/trunk or treats tonight. So we decided to visit our old church to see some friends. We brought Kaitlin with us.

Are you curious about Brit's costume? I sure was.
G ~ Brit, what are you wearing?
B ~ I'm a kid from the 80's.
G ~ I'm from the 80's. I didn't dress like that.
B ~ Well, I'm a kid from now dressing like what I think a kid from the 80's dressed like.
That's my girl.
Cody wore his Goosebumps mask, but took it off because he couldn't see.

It was nice to see everyone, but we were late. Last year they started at 6:00 so that's what time we planned on getting there tonight. Turns out they started at 4:00 so we missed ALL of the games and most of the candy. I'm pretty sure the kids still had a good time.

After that, we stopped by Walmart. The girls were SO funny, acting silly and trying to get people to look at them. They sang and skipped and danced and counted goofy stares:)


I haven't done a Tango Update in a while so here you go:)

He recently shed and now measures 32"! I can't believe how much he has grown. He's still enjoys being handled, although we need to get him out more often.

Cody and I fed him today, so I thought I'd share a picture. Not one of the best pictures...I shouldn't photograph him while he's eating. I hate when someone takes a picture of me and I have food sticking out of my mouth! :)~

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tasty Goblin ~ Here fishy, fishy

We went to pick the kids up from Cathy's yesterday. We ended up staying and chatting for hours and left empty handed. Cathy asked if the kids could spend the night again and of course they wanted to. It's so strange not to have kid noise in the house!

While we were there, the girls made the cutest goblin cheese ball. It was quite tasty as well...we devoured that little guy!

Before we picked Brit and Cody up today, we talked about things we could do. We decided going fishing might be fun. We called to ask Cathy if they would like to go too. I'm so glad they did! We had a great time! Well, except for the wind. Sheesh! We all feel a little icky now.

The first catch of the day.

Britney caught her very first catfish!

Kaitlin caught her very first fish...EVER! Actually, she caught four!

I didn't get a single stinkin' bite!

Check out the hat Kaitlin made for Cody! So cute! And very sweet of her to do it.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anniversary and A Halloween Party

A couple weeks ago, Cathy invited everyone to her house for a Halloween Party and it just happened to coincide with our anniversary. When she found out, she offered to let Brit and Cody spend the night so Bobby and I could do something to celebrate. I tell you...the BEST friends:)

11 years later and still completely in love!


Peace Mario...and a bum!

The lovely mommas. I don't know why we didn't get a group shot with Bobby...hmmm. Sorry baby.

The goodies...

Cody wanted to consume one of the fingers...Eek!

Beef stew with mashed potato ghosts.

Cody felt like he needed a mustache to complete his Mario costume:)

Where we've been as a family