Friday, October 22, 2010

Dinner, Meeting, Museum, Octopus, Cookies

Bobby's work had a dinner/meeting on Wednesday night so I asked Cathy if she could watch the kids for us. She offered to have them spend the night...she's so sweet:) Brit and Cody were so excited!

Bobby went to work yesterday morning. Do you know how strange it was to be in an empty house? I worked on laundry and dishes, while I was kept Cassie from gnawing on Thomas. He is bugging the heck out of her! I went to get the kids and we hung out at Cathy's for a while. Then we went to Cook's Natural Science Museum. I swear every time we go there we see something we've never seen before!

Brit read this whole thing and told Kaitlin she needed to learn about her enemy.
Poor kid hates spiders.

The kids were hungry so we headed home. I made something quick and fun for a late lunch :)

Before dinner I made a batch of oatmeal drop cookies. The kids have been asking for them for days and they're Bobby's favorite cookie. I finally had all of the ingredients yesterday. They are so very bad for you, but they sure taste good!


  1. It's 'seaweed' :)

    It's ramen soup noodles with food coloring.


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