Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fishin' and Cassie

We had such a great time fishing the day before, we decided to go again yesterday:)

Then it rained! A LOT! We ate a yummy dinner with Mom and David and headed home. On the way, we started talking about Cassie. Cassie is the smartest, most wonderful dog in the whole world. Really. Ask anyone.

Up until last night, I thought she was 11 years old. I've always compared her age to Brit's, but when I compared it to our anniversary, it didn't add up. I've been making her a year older. She's only 10:)

At any rate, she is older and the cold hurts her. She deserves to be inside where it's warm and comfy, so Brit and I gave her a bath. She doesn't like baths, but did pretty well. Oh, and she HATES cats so we'll see how it works out. She's done amazingly well with Tom so far.

Snuggling in the bed with her daddy.

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