Saturday, July 30, 2011

4th Year

It's that time of year again! It's time to send our cover school our re-enrollment form and fee so we can officially and legally begin another year homeschooling! I am so very thankful for this time with Britney and Cody. I feel like the luckiest momma in the world!


Friday, July 29, 2011


Last Saturday evening we went to Epic for a meeting about Tent City. It was a great! Well, what we were able to participate in was great. About 20 minutes in someone came in and asked if anyone in the building owns a green Expedition. Bobby and I just looked at each other. I was like "It's not's gray" I think I said that in hopes that it wasn't our vehicle he was asking about. But he was like "Yeah, you just got rear ended" CRAP! The back of our vehicle was to the road, so Bobby and I both thought someone driving past hit the back end. We both envisioned pieces of bumper and tail lights strewn across the pavement. I am quite happy to say that we overreacted. A lady backing out of her spot ran into our front right bumper - opposite side of the other accident. So...two accidents in two weeks...neither one our fault. As much of an inconvenience as it is, we did get to meet a really nice woman out of it.

Dad and Rosie came up on Sunday to celebrate Bobby's birthday. I made a German chocolate cake and two pineapple pies the day before. Then on Sunday we had prime rib, a fantastic salad, a cabbage salad side that Rosie made and mashed potatoes. We played Sequence and chatted and just spent time together. Guys, they are SO cute together! And happy! I just love seeing my Daddy happy.

Brit borrowed a library book from Esther and it was due so we took off to Huntsville for the day. We returned the book, ate at Moe's, looked in Books A Million and Fresh Market. We bought some of these milk chocolate covered almond and toffee things. My birthday is coming up. I want more. SO GOOD! Then on our way home, we stopped by Cathy's to visit with her and check on her. Suzette, Emily and Zachary were still there so we got to see them. Plus Amber came back while we were still there. It was great to hug everybody's neck, ya know? I'm missing our besties.

I have felt less than spiffy this week. Sometimes I think being a girl is killing me. Literally.

Last night, we went to Hartselle to watch Annie. Keilee did a fantastic job! That kid just shines when she's on stage. We know several people in the play and they all did a fantastic job! Definitely makes us miss plays.

This morning the kids and I went to get an estimate at the local Ford place. They came up with $924.09 to fix the damage from the second accident. Then we went to Huntsville to meet with the claims adjuster for the other insurance. They came up with $7oo and something so I'm hoping it won't be an issue to get the other $200 out of them. On our way back into town, we stopped at Mom's and hung out a while so we wouldn't wake Bobby up coming home. Then I paid a bill and we went to the store. The kids bought themselves a new Wii game. They are so happy! Plus we picked up stuff to make Lumpia! YUMMO!!!!! Oh! And ice cream. We needed ice cream.

I'll upload pictures from this week soon. I'm beat right now.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dum Dum Da Dum

Beth and Richard's wedding was this past weekend!
It was perfect and beautiful and we had so much fun!

Bobby and I headed to Knoxville on Friday morning with me driving the whole way since Bobby had worked off that morning. Poor guy. He should have taken two nights off.

The drive was uneventful other than traffic, rain and construction. We made it to the hotel by 1:30, checked in, got our stuff to the room, called Beth to let her know we were there, and went to grab some lunch at La Costa.

After we ate, we went back to the room so Bobby could rest before we the rehearsal and dinner.

When it was time to leave, we met Beth and Barbara in the lobby so we could ride with them to the church. Then 'Other' Beth and her husband Rob walked up. Britney named her 'Other' Beth when she was little after both Beths came to Alabama during a break from college. I hadn't seen her in about 10 years!

The church is absolutely beautiful...stone, stained glass, statues, domed ceiling...just beautiful. The rehearsal went well and we were finally able to meet everyone. Then it was off to the hotel until the rehearsal dinner at Blue Coast Burrito. It was the perfect place! Delicious!

Beth and Richard!

My peach margarita

Me and Barbara

We wanted to take Beth out after dinner, but she had some other things to take care of. Plus I don't think she wanted to drink the night before her wedding. We just couldn't get everyone in the same state before the wedding. Beth's in Tennessee, Other Beth is in New Jersey, Barbara and I are in Alabama and Melissa's in Florida. A bachelorette party just didn't happen, which I'm kind of bummed about. I've never been to one. So instead, a few of us hung out in Beth's suite and talked and played with Melissa and Scott's 1 year old daughter, Avery.

The next morning, we had breakfast with Beth and Barbara and then headed back to Beth's room to meet the hair and make up people.

This is the view of Market Square from the 12th floor of our hotel. I think every Saturday morning they have a big farmer's market in the square. Looked like it would be interesting to walk through.

My hair was done first since I was showered and ready to go:)
I had never had my hair in a french twist.

Getting my make up done.

Beth's hair

and make up

Lacing up the corset to her gorgeous dress.

Bobby came into the room just before it was time for the guys to head
over to the church.
The whole gang!

We walked from the church to the reception (about three blocks) so that the photographer could get shots along the way. I can't wait to see the pictures!

Richard's son Jake was the best man:)

Mr and Mrs Richard Mason!

Father Daughter dance

The reception was amazing! I stumbled through my speech and cut it nearly in half. I don't do public speaking so I had counted on the nerves, but not the emotions! Geez! Anyway, we partied and had a blast! The food was delicious and the cake...OMG! SO good! Oh, and I am now a professional tambourine player...and clearly not afraid of getting on stage once I start drinking. I suppose those are good things to know about me:)

After the band finished their last set, we cleared out and went to the hotel's bar. I did go up to the room first to put on my new dress.

The drive home...sucked! I mean 4 1/2 hours in a car after drinking until
2 am...UGH! Oh well. It was worth it! We had an amazing time!

Beth and Richard are currently living my dream and are exploring Italy. I'm so happy for them!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'm down 13 pounds since our camping trip in May. This morning I saw a number on my scale that I haven't seen in a very long time. I feel GREAT! I'm healthier and more active. I'm eating better. I just feel better about me. I haven't made it to a smaller size yet, but I can tell I'm toning up and clothes are fitting me better. Shorts that didn't fit me to take on that camping trip fit perfectly now. It's nice to see the progress:)

I actually went dress shopping! If you know me you know how rare that is. But Beth's wedding is this weekend and I'm going to need something nice to wear.

I'm so excited about this weekend! More on that later!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I was in an accident last Tuesday. I had left the kids home so I could run some errands...which included paying our insurance. Oh, the irony.

Even though it wasn't a bad accident, it was scary and I know I said something naughty after the woman hit me.

We crossed a major intersection about the same in the right lane, her in the left. Traffic was stopped in the left lane so people could turn into a shopping center. Instead of the lady stopping, she started to slow down and then sporadically decided to change lanes right on top of me.

She was apologetic and admittedly in a hurry. She was driving her sister's car. Her sister had neglected to renew her insurance on July 1st. Ugh.

Besides the scrapes and dents, it messed something up with the door so it's not sealing properly.

We got an estimate yesterday.

It will be nearly $3000 to fix The Beast.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Fourth

Bobby had to work so we didn't have any major plans for for the fourth. We picked up some sparklers on our way home from Huntsville the other day.

I took B & C to Point Mallard to watch fireworks.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tent City

Today was one of those amazing days. The kind that touches you and changes you.

We had plans to go to Tent City this afternoon with Epic. More on that in a bit...

We started our day a little slower than we had planned and ended up going to the 10:30 service. We like to go at 9:00 so we can visit with Karen and Keilee. While we were parking, K & K were leaving. We talked to them for a minute and told them we were going to Tent City and asked if they would like to go with us. Karen literally jumped up and down:)

It was a great service. I'm so thankful we've ended up there. My life is a journey and God is definitely still working on me.

After church, lunch, and a little down time at the house, we loaded back up, picked up K & K and went back to Epic where we met up with a group who was driving to Tent City.

Okay...What is Tent City?

Tent City is a community of homeless people who live under the interstate in Huntsville. Epic has been making weekly trips, visiting with the residents and bringing supplies, prayer, music, food and generally just loving on them. We really didn't know what to expect, or what to bring and we didn't have anything on the list of needed supplies, so we loaded up a small box with some items...soap, body wash, band aids, etc. to hand out.

We learned a little about some of the people who live there. A lady's husband is in the hospital. One man makes wooden crosses. And the most tragic story that was shared was that of THIS man who died yesterday. The news only had four sentences to say about name, not that he had friends and a mother who were mourning him. It's so sad how these people go unnoticed. Even by me. How many times have I driven right over them...completely oblivious to their existence?

Some of Epic's children playing on a drum set made from an old barrel.

Music was played and songs were sung...

and tears were shed. This man wrote a song about his friend who had drowned. He played his guitar and sang so full of emotion. It was heartbreaking.

A meal was shared.

I'm thankful Bobby and I were able to share this experience with Britney and Cody. We feel it is so very important to raise their awareness to what's really going on in the world. And to share this with Karen and Keilee is incredible too. Karen is such a vital part of my life. I wouldn't be where I am today without her.

These people are just people. They cry and bleed just like we do.
They have fears and hopes and dreams.
They have mothers and fathers and siblings and children.

IV said not to think that going to Tent City would help anyone who lives there. We shouldn't think that highly of ourselves. The only one we would help by going is ourselves.

He was right.

This changed something in me.
It was a beautiful, moving experience.


After our day celebrating and playing in the sun and water, we went home and made 8 quarts of pickles and 4 quarts of strawberry jam. We sure are liking this whole canning thing:)

There had been some brief talk about us needing a date night. We had no definite plans so a few ideas were thrown around. Matt was playing at the Hard Dock and since we've never gotten a chance to watch him play, we decided to go.

As soon as we got there, Matt came up to us and told us that Cathy and Amber were there, too! How cool?! We had so much fun hanging out, talking, listening to music and watching Drunk Chick dance. Oh and I got carded before I ever walked in the door! WOOT!

Bobby, Cathy, Amber and Me!

I had an adult beverage...actually...I had two:)

Matt rocked! We had a blast!
Next time we'll have to plan it better so we can all go. Matt would have his own groupie section:)

Where we've been as a family