Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I was in an accident last Tuesday. I had left the kids home so I could run some errands...which included paying our insurance. Oh, the irony.

Even though it wasn't a bad accident, it was scary and I know I said something naughty after the woman hit me.

We crossed a major intersection about the same time...me in the right lane, her in the left. Traffic was stopped in the left lane so people could turn into a shopping center. Instead of the lady stopping, she started to slow down and then sporadically decided to change lanes right on top of me.

She was apologetic and admittedly in a hurry. She was driving her sister's car. Her sister had neglected to renew her insurance on July 1st. Ugh.

Besides the scrapes and dents, it messed something up with the door so it's not sealing properly.

We got an estimate yesterday.

It will be nearly $3000 to fix The Beast.

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