Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sleep Over

I wonder why it's called a sleep over. There's not much sleep involved. The laughing, talking, eating, and playing take its place. But that's okay. I wouldn't want it any other way:)

Late night Sonic picnic

You know Cody. He had to dress up and try to scare the girls:)

Sleeping beauties

We all stayed up late and slept even later. I finally got up and made pancakes, which were quite good if I do say so myself. We just took Sarah and Tori home because they have a swim party to attend. Swimming sounds nice during this freakishly hot summer.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Band Camp

Tori called me yesterday to invite us to watch Austin High's band perform this evening. This past week was band camp, and they were showing off what they had learned. Tori is a band manager and Sarah plays the trombone. Brit and I went early so we could watch some of the practice and the awards being handed out. We left the boys at home. It was HOT and I know Cody would have been miserable.

Tori and Brit

All my girls

They did a great job! I know they all worked hard this past week in the HOT Alabama sun. The girls went home to get packed and cleaned up. I'm going to go get them in a bit and they're spending the night with us! Party at the Lackey house!!! WOOT!


I've been wanting to go to Creative Learning Connection for several weeks. We love books! It's funny how I didn't enjoy reading while I was growing up. I've read SO much more since we started homeschooling. CLC had a used book sale this evening and Gretta emailed me to see if we were going. It seemed like a perfect way to spend time with some of our best friends and look for books to add to our collection.
We had a great evening! We met David, Gretta and their kids at Moe's for dinner. We've been wanting Moe's for a long time and this what their first time to eat there. It was a fantastic meal and we had a blast hanging out together. We always do:) Then we went to Fresh Market to look around. I love that place. The kids got their bags of candy and Bobby and I got our favorite flavored coffees. Yum. Oh, and of course the double dipped malt balls. Then we went to CLC. We had a great time looking through the books, but sheesh it was crowded. We spent just over $40 and bought a huge stack of books! We got several reading books for Cody and a handwriting workbook. He also got Mr. Wizard's Experiments for Young Scientist and Science for Fun Experiments which he loves! It's 1 o'clock in the morning and he's doing an experiment by himself right now. I'm not sure if he'll really like the Mr. Wizard book, though. We'll see. Britney picked out Economics Principles and Policy, AP U.S. History Crash Course, The Handy History Answer Book and Writer's Inc Student Handbook - She's in her room reading that now.
Gretta was able to find several items on her list. We're looking forward to going back when it won't be so crowded:)
Then they came to our house to hang out some more. We drank coffee and the kids played Wii and watched How to Eat Fried Worms. Britney practiced her drawing with pointers from David. We talked and laughed a lot. Before we knew it, it was midnight. I swear we could talk for days without running out of things to say!
Ah...we love our friends!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pumpkins and The Eater

The pumpkin plants are doing very well. We need to weed, but every time I get out there to do it, I get attacked by mosquitoes. I hate those suckers!

We see this little guy just about every evening. I tell him every time I see him to stay out of the backyard. There's a German Shepherd back there that will kill his fuzzy little booty. I tell him not to eat the pumpkin plants. I hope he's a good listener.

Tango : )~

Not the best pictures, but they will have to do tonight. He was much easier to photograph when he was smaller and could easily fit in one hand :)

Monday, July 26, 2010


Tango just shed. That's one of the coolest things to watch! We measured the skin and it's 30"! He's definitely not the little baby we brought home almost a year ago. He had been growing about an inch a month, but he grew 2 1/2" in just under two months. I don't know the reason for the growth increase. I haven't been feeding him more. I've actually cut back a little. I'll try to get some new pictures of him tomorrow. He's so handsome right after he sheds. His color is so vibrant.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


We went outside to watch the heat lightening tonight. It was AWESOME!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Company Picnic & We're Hosed

Today was the company picnic at Bobby's work. We got there and ate Whitt's barbecue. Hmmm....I like barbecue, but it's something we don't eat often. Then we walked around looking for things the kids might want to do. They had people painting faces, but after Cody's pink eye, I'm kind of against the idea. Bobby's thinks I'll get over it someday, but I guess it didn't matter this time. Neither of them wanted their face painted. They had all kinds of inflatable bouncy things, but the kids weren't very interested in them. There was an inflatable rock climbing thingy that Cody was SO excited about trying.

Here he is getting into the harness.

And off he went!

He LOVED it!

Then he slid down this...slide.

They had this booth - like a dunking booth, but instead of being dropped in water, you got sprayed. There was quite a line for this but they both wanted to do it. I mean it was HOT out today and they were ready to cool off.

Bobby pushed the button to spray Brit :)

Then the kids had snow cones mixed with every flavor. The guy called it The Ultimate Sugar Rush! YUMMO!

It was so very hot, we decided to head home and spray each other with the water hose:)

Ah...The Sprinkler... 'cause we are just that cool.

Of course Logan and Cassie got in on the action. They love playing with the water hose!


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Cody and I picked Britney up from Keilee's house yesterday and went home to decide what we could do as a family. Bobby and I very quickly decided on a surprise bowling trip thanks to the coupons I received in the mail. We haven't gone bowling in a long time and it's something we all enjoy. It's just expensive. We turned into the parking lot and Cody's face lit up. I wish I had a picture of him. Man, he was excited! Then he made some remark about "Is it my birthday?!" Smarty pants. I told you it had been a long time.

We had a GREAT time! Britney got several spares and strikes and Cody is so much stronger now then when he first started bowling. He was able to carry the ball without any trouble and was able to throw/push/roll/kick the ball better than ever. We had so much fun!

After bowling, we had a wonderful dinner and then went home and watched The Princess and the Frog. Too cute! I laughed more than the kids did.

I love my family:)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alabama Music Hall of Fame & Spring Park

Today we went to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. It's one of those places we've passed a hundred times, but we've never stopped. In fact, no one in our group had been there before today. I've often wondered if we would enjoy looking through this place.

The kids (and Suzette:) picked out their favorite star and did a rubbing to take home.

How cool are these jeans! I would totally wear them!

I love me some Dr Hook!

The kids loved going through Alabama's very first tour bus
-The group...not the state-
I wonder if Cody will drive like this when he's 16.

Only in the South

Hey look! Paul Anka is on this list! Lorelai Gilmore would be so happy!

They have a recording studio! You can buy a CD recording of yourself signing for $10 or a DVD for $15. After the kids played for a bit signing "Sweet Home Alabama" the girls recorded "The Eye of the Bison" LOL! They did a GREAT job, too!

Kid group shot :)

Mom group shot :)

Me and my babies
I have to say that Hall of Fame was better than I expected.
After we were finished with the tour and taking pictures, we grabbed some lunch at the BK and headed to Spring Park. This is only our second time to go there. It's a lot of fun, but dang it was hot today!

We rode the roller coaster over and over and over and...

and over. The kids LOVE that thing!

We had a really fantastic day with some of our bestest buddies, even if we were dripping sweat and dreaming of Cathy's swimming pool by the end of the day :)
~The End~

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