Saturday, July 24, 2010

Company Picnic & We're Hosed

Today was the company picnic at Bobby's work. We got there and ate Whitt's barbecue. Hmmm....I like barbecue, but it's something we don't eat often. Then we walked around looking for things the kids might want to do. They had people painting faces, but after Cody's pink eye, I'm kind of against the idea. Bobby's thinks I'll get over it someday, but I guess it didn't matter this time. Neither of them wanted their face painted. They had all kinds of inflatable bouncy things, but the kids weren't very interested in them. There was an inflatable rock climbing thingy that Cody was SO excited about trying.

Here he is getting into the harness.

And off he went!

He LOVED it!

Then he slid down this...slide.

They had this booth - like a dunking booth, but instead of being dropped in water, you got sprayed. There was quite a line for this but they both wanted to do it. I mean it was HOT out today and they were ready to cool off.

Bobby pushed the button to spray Brit :)

Then the kids had snow cones mixed with every flavor. The guy called it The Ultimate Sugar Rush! YUMMO!

It was so very hot, we decided to head home and spray each other with the water hose:)

Ah...The Sprinkler... 'cause we are just that cool.

Of course Logan and Cassie got in on the action. They love playing with the water hose!


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