Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We went to the midnight showing of Eclipse last night! The kids and I have never been to a movie on its release date before. We had prepared ourselves by watching Twilight and New Moon...again, and we bought our tickets on Fandango. Are you singing the Fandango song now? I love those commercials :) We were pumped about going!

We thought we were going to miss the movie because Britney has had a sore throat. We...I mean I was worried about strep. I don't know why I overreacted. Maybe because of the recent pink eye crud. She was feeling much better yesterday and we have decided the whole problem is sinus drainage. Don't you just love summer allergies?

We ran by the theater yesterday afternoon to get our tickets. The lady in front of Bobby bought the last tickets for the movie - five theaters showing Eclipse and they were sold out. I'm glad we bought them early. The lady working told Bobby that the only way she could guarantee us 4 seats together was to be there by 9:30. I know waiting that long might be a downer for some people, but I was kind of excited. I mean, it's a new experience and you all know how we love an adventure!

We ate dinner and decided to take a nap. I think it's funny how the kids didn't sleep, but the adults did. I suppose that is some sign of old age, but refuse to believe it. I just haven't slept well recently. Yeah...that's it!

We left the house around 8:45. Here we are just before we left for the theater. I don't know why Cody's advertising for Pepsi.

We were in the lobby by 9:00 and were seated by 9:15.

Then we waited. The kids played with their Nintendo DS's for a while. Then they talked and laughed and had a great time. We ate candy and talked with other Twilight fans. We saw plenty of Team Jacob and Team Edward shirts. One guy had a Team Alice shirt :) I felt left out. Even Britney has a Twilight shirt.

The movie was fantastic and we had a great time! We got home around 2:30 and didn't get to sleep until after 3:00. We slept late and hung out at the house all day.

Hope everyone's having a great week:)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


On Sunday, we met Dad in Huntsville. We ate a delicious meal and then went to Bridge Street to see what was playing at the Monaco. Of the choices available, I probably would have gone with Karate Kid. I love me some Jackie Chan. We've already seen Toy Story 3, the new Shrek and Prince of Persia at the drive in. Finally, Dad picked Knight and Day since we couldn't decide. We had about an hour before the movie started, so we walked around looking in stores. If anyone wants to get me a present just because, I can direct you to the wallet section at the Fossil store :)~

The movie was AWESOME! We left the theater wanting to see it again. We'll definitely be buying that one!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Cody's eyes are looking much better today. They aren't swollen and leaky, but they're still red. He says they feel better so we're very thankful for that.

Last night was another long night. I woke Cody up every two hours to put drops in his eyes. He didn't much like waking up so I could squirt liquid into his peepers. Can't say I blame him there. He also had another coughing fit in the middle of the night and one this morning. I called the doctor's office and explained the situation. While we were there yesterday, I made them aware of his sinus infection/allergy crud. She listened to his lungs and since they are clear, she didn't prescribe anything for him. They called me a little while ago to tell me there were going to call in an antibiotic for him. I asked which one and she told me Zithromax. I told her that it tears Cody's tummy up and that Amoxicillin works well for him. She got a little snotty with me for telling her what medicine works best for my child. She said she would have to get approval from the doctor before she could call it in. I felt like sticking my tongue out at her, but didn't because she couldn't see me. I wonder if I would have if I had been in the office. Hmmm.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Cody's eye continued to look worse. By the time we got home last night, his right eye was getting red too. There were both puffy and leaky. He's had some sinus drainage so he's been coughing a bit at night, but last night was bad. We had a rough night. He would wake up coughing, would get choked and throw up. He could barely open his left eye because it was so...icky. He was pitiful.

I called the doctor this morning and they were able to get him in at 9:15. When I woke him up to get him ready, his eyes were completely crusted shut. Poor baby.

He has pink eye in both eyes, which is what I expected to hear. He most likely got it from getting his face painted at Children's Hospital Monday. I've never had it before and this is the first time one of the kids has gotten it. I pray it's the last. He has to have a drop in each eye every two hours for the first 24 hours and then twice a day after that for the next 4 days. He's very contagious so we'll be grounded for the next week.

Here he is at the doctor's office. His eyes are redder and more swollen than what they look like in the pictures.


Yesterday morning, we met at Cathy's house for a group trip to Canyon Mouth Park. We stopped at BK to fill everyone up.

Then we met Suzette and drove...forever! :) We made a stop at Cherokee Rock Village. The Lackey crew had never been there before. I look forward to a trip there during a cooler month.'s hot.

Once I climbed up the rock, my aversion to heights kicked in and almost immediately climbed back down. I did snap a few shots of the overlook.

Kid group shot!

Then we drove around Little River Canyon. It is a long, curvy, hilly, steep, nausea inducing ride...but beautiful all at the same time.

Throughout the day, I noticed Cody's left eye looked odd. It was red around the outer rim-think red eyeliner. I kept checking on him. He said he felt okay and just wanted to swim.
We made it to Canyon Mouth Park by 4:00 and were so ready to get in the water!


After we ate, we headed upstream so the kids could float back down. Bobby and Cody headed back because it was a better place for Cody to swim. We were there for just a minute or two and Zachary started screaming his head off! We didn't know what happened.

He ran back up to us and was in so much pain and boy he was mad! It turned out that a caterpillar got him! I've never seen anything like this before, but Bobby has in South Carolina. It got him on his side, under his arm, on top of his arm and on his back in record time. I have no idea how it attacked so many places that quickly.

Suzette, Zachary, Cathy and I walked back down by Bobby and Cody while the rest of the group floated down the river.

Wrinkle feet!
Cody changed into warm, dry clothes and sat in the back seat and played his DS. His eye looked worse and he said it was hurting. There was some yellowish discharge and his eye started getting puffy.

We left just before 8:00 and split up on our way home. We stopped at Sonic in Fort Payne with Suzette's crew and enjoyed frozen yummies.

We got home at 11:00 ish...I think. We unloaded The Beast and got ready for bed. It was a long day, but we really had a wonderful time with our friends!

Two Face

On Mondays, Children's Hospital has a couple volunteers that dress up like clowns. One lady paints faces and the other hands out crayons and coloring pages. Most of Cody's appointments are on Mondays because of his doctors' schedules so he's had his face painted...A LOT! Brit has, too for that matter. The lady knows us by sight and was very happy to see Cody on Monday. In fact, she was packing things up for the day and pulled everything back out to paint him up.

Cody wanted to be Two Face from Batman. He really liked what she did and immediately went into character. He asked for a coin and started flipping it to decide if we should live or die. By the way, I was killed but Bobby and Britney's lives were spared.

As far as the appointment went, it looks like Cody will be having surgery in August sometime. The date hasn't been set yet...more on that later.

Father's Day

The kids got Bobby the best Father's Day card and we gave him a framed photo collage with pictures of him and the kids. I also made Bobby one of his favorites for dinner-Mexican Chicken. Who am I kidding? It's one of my favorites, too:) After we ate dinner, we loaded up The Beast and went to the drive in to watch Toy Story 3 and Prince of Persia. TS3 was better than I expected and Prince of Persia was awesome! I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

We always bring our own snacks, but once we got there I REALLY wanted a funnel cake. Britney got one too and Bobby got some nachos.

Cody stuck with his watermelon sour patch candies.

Cody and I caught lightening bugs before the movie started. He held onto this guy throughout most of the first movie. He loved his buggy friend.

We didn't get home until 1:30. That's the only problem about going to the drive in, but we don't mind that much. We have so much fun while we're there, I guess it makes up for the lack of sleep.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I borrowed the newest installment of the Sookie Stackhouse novels from my sister in law and have a warning for all of you hardcore vampire followers out there. You know who you are.

Do not - under any circumstance- drop the book on your foot. It is heavy and will leave a nasty bruise.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

This morning we went to the Monaco to watch Kung Fu Panda with some of our friends. There was a boy in the lobby making balloon animals and Cody wanted ladybug. I think it's pretty cute, but it looks more like a red turtle with the measles.

The theater was full of whiney, crying young kids. Not just that, but many of them had balloons and kept making that annoying screechy, rubbing sound. Yeah, that was nice. Plus the movie was really dark. Oh well.

Here are the kiddos after the show

and the mommas.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Britney's new glasses

Britney's last eye exam was in September of last year. Lately she's been having a lot of headaches and eye pain so we made an appointment for a check up. Her prescription has changed so that explains the pain and that should get better once she gets her new glasses.
She quickly decided which frames she wanted. I swear it must have been some sort of record:)

I'm hot!

Around 10:00 this morning I pulled the ladder, extension cord and hedger out of the garage. It was quite warm by then and I was disappointed I hadn't gotten started earlier. I began clipping away at the holly bush, flinging sharp little leaves at myself. Ouch. After getting the first one finished, I went to the backyard to retrieve the wheelbarrow. I also grabbed the rake from the shed and found gloves in the garage. I loaded the wheelbarrow, pushed it to the alley and dumped it....twice. I was getting very hot and went inside for a bottle of water. I took a few sips and thought I was going to be sick. I felt awful. I sat down in the shade for a few minutes and got back to work. There's ivy that grows on top of our boxwoods that Bobby's not particularly fond of so I usually yank it down when I hedge. I started tugging on the ivy and heard a momma bird cussing me! I had uncovered her nest and found two babies. I went inside to get the kids so they could see them.I covered them back up with some of the ivy and left them alone.

I was SO hot at this point, but I still needed to get the other holly bush trimmed up. I carried the ladder to the other side of the house and got to work. Every time I took a sip of water, it made me feel horrible, so I wasn't drinking enough. I would stop working long enough to come inside, or sit in the shade for a few minutes. I decided to stop right at 12:00. I just couldn't handle the heat anymore. My heart was pounding and I was breathing really fast, but shallow. I rolled the extension cord up and put it away along with the hedger. I ended up leaving the leaves on the ground. I had to come inside and cool off, which wasn't an easy task. I actually panicked a little because I felt so weird. I was still having a hard time breathing and my heart was pounding. There were a couple times I thought I was going to pass out...or throw up or both. After taking two showers, making the water cooler and cooler until I finally got my temperature down. I still feel a little icky and that was 4 1/2 hours ago.

FYI: Heat exhaustion is BAD!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Purple Grapes

I painted Britney's room after we bought this house. She wanted it purple and green, so we picked out a light green for one wall and the other three in a light purple. Then I stenciled dragonflies, hummingbirds, bees, snails and flowers all over. I also made curtains out of this light green and purple fabric. It has bears and a rhyme. She was five at the time and the poor kid and been living in a little girl room for far too long.

She had decided she wanted black walls with red curtains. The only problem is the lighting in that room. It would be SO dark in there if we painted it black! She compromised and decided to go with red walls with black curtains. Other things have come up and I just haven't gotten around to buying her paint. Well, I did try one day at Walmart. They had a mess up gallon of RED that we wanted to look at. The guy opened the can, showed us the paint and then hammered the lid on which splattered the RED paint all over my shirt. I swear he snickered a little before saying he was sorry. We immediately went home and I changed my shirt and then I was like...Walmart owes me a shirt! We went back and the manager reimbursed me for my shirt. Dang it...I liked that shirt, too.

The day before yesterday, we went to Lowe's to pick up a weed eater and to look at paint chips. Britney told me she had changed her mind and wants purple walls with black curtains. We had bought a couple black lights for our Halloween decorations and Bobby told her she could have them for her room. We've been looking at black light posters online and we have some glow in the dark paint. How cool is that going to be?! We also want to make her a loft bed.

The Olympic paint is on sale at Lowe's right now. $5 off a gallon! It's like 15 bucks! Yeah for sales:)
I'm really enjoying the new designs on Blogger. My blog may look different every single day:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Today, we went to a nearby theater to watch a FREE movie! I totally love that word! We met up with our bestest friends and watched Hotel for Dogs. This is the first time the kids and I have been to this theater and we had a blast!

After the movie, we ate at Steak N Shake and talked and laughed and had a wonderful time. We made plans for future adventures, which is always fun. We're ready for another camping trip:)

Where we've been as a family