Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

This morning we went to the Monaco to watch Kung Fu Panda with some of our friends. There was a boy in the lobby making balloon animals and Cody wanted ladybug. I think it's pretty cute, but it looks more like a red turtle with the measles.

The theater was full of whiney, crying young kids. Not just that, but many of them had balloons and kept making that annoying screechy, rubbing sound. Yeah, that was nice. Plus the movie was really dark. Oh well.

Here are the kiddos after the show

and the mommas.



  1. that last picture makes me scared....very scared! hehe By the way, we are officially homeschoolers as of this morning! :)

  2. WOOT! I know you're excited! But I have to say, I think you've been homeschooling for a long time :)


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