Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Blog

I've been messing around with the blog for a couple days. I've been wanting a new look, but haven't been satisfied with most of the free backgrounds I've found. They're girly or sporty or choo choo trains. Cody and I picked this one and I think I like it. It's certainly colorful and perky. It's kind of how I feel right now:)


  1. LOL! On dial-up it took a while for the page overlay to load, it was just solid black. I thought you were being all bleak with the 'it's how I feel right now'. : ) Glad to see you feel more like a box of Cornflakes from the 70's. I, uh, think.

  2. Love the new, bright background. It almost looks "hippy-ish" to me. Like we need to be wearing bell bottoms with peace necklaces and big sunglasses driving our kids around in a VW. But I do like it! :)


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