Tuesday, June 29, 2010


On Sunday, we met Dad in Huntsville. We ate a delicious meal and then went to Bridge Street to see what was playing at the Monaco. Of the choices available, I probably would have gone with Karate Kid. I love me some Jackie Chan. We've already seen Toy Story 3, the new Shrek and Prince of Persia at the drive in. Finally, Dad picked Knight and Day since we couldn't decide. We had about an hour before the movie started, so we walked around looking in stores. If anyone wants to get me a present just because, I can direct you to the wallet section at the Fossil store :)~

The movie was AWESOME! We left the theater wanting to see it again. We'll definitely be buying that one!

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  1. Glad you guys had fun! What a great picture of you & Bobby. You should frame that one. :)


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