Saturday, January 31, 2009

Britney's Blog

Brit thinks having a blog is awesome so she has decided to have one of her very own. Check it out at

Reading Contest

NACHO, our homeschooling group, tries to have a contest each month for the kids. Britney won October's Reading Contest with 2,513 pages. I just sent the totals in for January and WOW my baby loves to read! Her total is 4,312 pages! Cody read 331 pages! Not bad for someone who just decided he likes reading {sometimes}:)~ Way to go guys! We're so proud of you both!

Being Creative

Since I posted some pictures of the places we've been, I thought I would post some of the fun things we do a little closer to home. Britney and I are currently hand embroidering pillowcases. (No pictures yet) We love being creative together~putting on plays, magic shows and talents shows, baking, reading, sewing, painting, jewelry making, fort building, playing dress up, singing, dancing...

Watching a movie in our fort

Making a pillowcase

Let them eat cake!

Flour painting

Making Pyramids


Trick or Treat

Breaking open Geodes we found at Sugar Creek

NACHO's October Reading Contest Winner

Making Oatmeal Drop Cookies...YUMMY!

Knitting her stocking

Sewing a teddy bear Christmas ornament

Science experiments

Cody wearing the mask he painted

Comedy & Tragedy

Making caramel for flan

Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Amazing Year

I've gone through my mass quantity of pictures and have to say-
We had an awesome 2008!
Here are some pictures of us out lovin' life!

Rhodes Ferry Park

Hiddenite, NC

Enchanted Sleeping Beauty


Delano Park

Backyard Camping

Rose Garden Delano Park

Little River Canyon

Little River Canyon

Chuck E Cheese
Early Works Museum

Early Works Museum

Big Spring Park

Hurricane Creek Park

Cook's Natural Science Museum

Disney World

Sugar Creek - TN

Franklin, NC

Making Connections

Last week Britney checked out a book titled "English Fairy Tales" written in 1962. She came to a story called "Henny-penny". All the character's names in the story are the same as in Disney's movie "Chicken Little" released in 2005. In the book, Henny-penny gets knocked in the head by a falling acorn and thinks the sky is falling. (Just like Chicken Little does in the movie) The other animals join her on her quest to tell the king...until they're eaten by Foxy-woxy. Henny-penny escapes, but forgets to tell the king afterward.

Britney says the morale is the same...Don't think the sky is falling just 'cause you get knocked in the head by falling acorns!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feeding Their Creativity

Last night we talked about making pancakes for breakfast. Cody excitedly said he wanted to make blue and green pancakes.
This morning, when Brit and Cody were ready for breakfast, we headed for the kitchen, washed our hands, and made a batch of "Gina's Perfect Pancakes" ~They really are good! Then we separated the batter into two small bowls for Cody and one for Brit. She decided to add Reese's Pieces to her batter. Cody added food coloring to his. While I was cooking his blue pancake, he got another idea! Let's add Sour Skittles! I thought it smelled like Fruity Pebbles as the Skittles heated up. Britney and Cody thought it smelled like blueberries.
Brit's batter was swirled with orange, yellow and brown dye and made a huge pancake! Hers smelled like you would expect it to...a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. She decided that if she ever makes Reese's pancakes again, she'll reduce the amount of candy. It was too peanut buttery and stuck to the roof of her mouth.
Cody decided that blue pancakes and green pancakes with Sour Skittles are awesome and couldn't wait to show off his creations.
I opted for chocolate chip pancakes!

On January 27, 2009

Cody seems to turn every meal into a science experiment. I made cheese dip on Saturday and instead of using tortilla chips, he wanted dill pickle chips. He loved it of course. I heated the left over cheese dip for a snack and I grabbed both bags of chips. He decided to add Mt. Dew to he cheese dip-Yum! He not only gets to play mad scientist, he gets the added bonus of grossing Britney out! Then he added Sour Skittles to the mixture and thought the color of the Skittles that came off in the cheese dip was cool! Next he bit a Skittle in half to see how the colors would be different from the whole one. Evil scientist laughter began with his eye brows moving up and down.
All the while Britney is happily chowing down on tortilla chips and cheese dip.

On January 15, 2009

After Cody and I read a couple Dr. Seuss books, the kids and I started a game of Scrabble. It wasn't long before Cody's Gravedigger monster truck rolled across the board. Cody laughed-you know the one-and he says "We were playing Scrabble and it scrabbled!" Then Brit used the tiles to build a fort around a miniature skateboard to protect it. (Like the tank game in Wii she said.) Cody built a monster out of the tiles and wondered if there was a way to make him come to life. He was dying to knock the fort down with Gravedigger...Mission Accomplished! Which started conversations on friction, electricity, evil scientists, death, tournaments, break dancing, baseball, TV hosts, potty breaks and began a series of toilet flushing sound effects...

My First Post

I've decided to start a blog about our family and share some of our many adventures, funny stories, pictures and offer a glimpse into the life of a Wacky Lackey. Enjoy!

Where we've been as a family