Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Rock & Worship Roadshow

The Rock & Worship Roadshow made its way to Huntsville again last night. Bobby had to work today so he stayed home with Cody, who didn't want to go. Brit and Emily were so pumped about this concert. They went together last year,which was Britney's first concert. We made plans for Emily to go with us so after she was dropped off, we picked up some friends and went to Epic to play follow the leader to the VBC.

A little pre-concert foodage.

We got separated from the pack and couldn't find our fellow Epicans once we got there. We ended up separating from the other adults who rode with us because the girls wanted to be closer. I embarrassed Lexy several times. I've been called 'old school'. That kid needs to lighten up :)

Me with Lexy

The place was packed! We were told that they had to turn 1500 people away and that Sidewalk Prophets went outside and sang a couple songs for them, which I found appropriate given their name.

Sidewalk Prophets

Hawk Nelson

I was pretty disappointed they didn't sing Hello, but forgave them quickly when they made eye contact and smiled at us while signing things.

I really liked them! Particularly THIS song.


Tenth Avenue North

I didn't get a picture of Mercy Me. The girls wanted to go out to the lobby to be first in line to get Hawk Nelson's autographs. But we seriously jumped the gun and had lots of time to kill. So...ya head bang, play air guitar and drums while you wait.

Me and my girl <3

Hawk Nelson signing Brit's official concert/autograph shirt.
See? Pretty boys. Eye contact. Who could be mad at them?

Happy Emily!

Disciple signing Brit's shirt

Rend Collective Experience
This group is from Ireland. Love me an Irish man! I could listen to him speak all day...or until I got tired of him talking...
They were very chatty and nice
and happily posed for a group picture. They were the only ones who did.

We all had a blast and I can't wait to go again next year...preferably with my hubby. I know he would love it too!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Teeth & Legos

Britney and Cody both had check ups and cleanings at the dentist yesterday at Children's Hospital. Why do we drive to Birmingham to see the dentist you ask. Well, the local yahoos were not nice. In fact one of them yelled and threatened Cody if he didn't open his mouth bigger!

The people are MUCH nicer at Children's. We've gotten the occasional person who isn't as chatty as we like, but they are very sensitive to the child's needs. I sure do like that.

Britney had the best time yesterday. She was paired up with an extremely chatty, happy person. They could be heard laughing and talking throughout the office :) Brit is still cavity free and will not need braces! We can get an ortho consult if we want to, but the issue she has is so minor it's not necessary. That kid has beautiful teeth!

Cody has no new cavities and four teeth are almost ready to come out! One popped out the day before yesterday. He is completely on track as far as losing his baby teeth.

They both have been saving their Christmas money. I don't think they had anything in particular in mind to buy...just not blowing through it. They were playing with and talking about Legos the other day and both asked if we could go to the Lego store while we were in Birmingham.


Look at how happy they are!

The new saying should be, "Like a Lackey kid in a Lego store"
Who needs candy?

I liked these guys. They have sumo man boobs!

We looked around for a long time before any decisions were made. It was nice to just be there, not feeling rushed and enjoying the whole experience.

They decided to combine their money to get one big kit to assemble together. But first, they created some mini figures. This one was Brit's favorite.
Then they looked and looked and tried to decide which kit to buy. There's so many! Then the final decision and purchase was made. We paid with cash and four different prepaid debit cards (they get for their birthdays and Christmas from our cousins in NJ...Thank you C & R!) with amounts ranging from $1.04 to $50.


Cody carried the bag part of the way but it was heavy!

Brit got a couple shots of the beautiful sky on the way home.

And then the fun began! I started dinner and they started playing :)

Here's their kit. It's a Medieval Market Village and reminds all of us of Medieval Times in Florida. It's SO cool!

They worked on it for a couple hours last night, breaking for Daddy hugs and dinner. I'm sure they'll be building in full swing today.
When we got home, my new power cord for my laptop was in the mailbox. It died on Wednesday so we bought one off ebay. I can't believe how quickly it got here! Yay!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tie Dye Cupcakes

We decided to make tie dye cupcakes the other day and they were so much fun to make together!

The look on Cody's face cracks me up! Egg just feels gross.

Make sure you lick the bowl and beaters. I mean you have to check for adequate taste.

Separate batter into bowls and start mixing in food coloring until you get the shade you want. It takes a lot of red dye.

Add the different colors. You can slightly swirl the batter with a toothpick if you'd like.


Good stuff!

Where we've been as a family