Friday, February 4, 2011

Britney's 1st Concert

Last Thursday was the day Brit started getting sick. Her fever was 103 all night. Friday morning, she felt better. Her fever was down. She was still coughing and had a sore throat, but definitely felt better. Saturday afternoon, Emily called to ask if Brit could go to a concert with her Sunday evening. I explained the situation to Emily and told her we would just have to wait and see how Brit felt. Plus we didn't want to get anyone else sick.

Brit was convinced we weren't going to let her go, but I can't stress enough how much she wanted to. We looked up the Rock & Worship Roadshow online to find out some details. She was so hopeful. Emily called back Sunday afternoon and Suzette and I talked about everything. I wanted them to have full knowledge of Britney's cooties. However, at this point we didn't know she had the flu. They decided they weren't concerned about getting sick, so we gave Brit the okay. She was SO excited!

Dave and Emily picked Brit up at 4:30 and she got home just before 11:00.

Two VERY excited girls!

Dave took these pictures at the concert. Thanks Dave!

E & B with Anthem Lights

E & B with The Afters
Brit bought the poster for $5 and they signed it for her:)

I can't really explain how excited she was when she got home. That kid was glowing! She had the best time! Bobby and I hate that we weren't a part of her first concert. We'd always thought we would be the ones to take her, but I can't complain. What an amazing memory!


  1. I'm so super jealous she got to go to this concert. We had planned to go until we realized Sid would still be recovering...BOO! I know she got to hear some awesome music and some of the groups there are my faves. Yeah for Britney!!!

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