Monday, August 31, 2009

Farewell August

Here are some of my favorite pictures I've taken this month...

Tango Update

Per Gretta's request, here's a Tango Update...but there are pictures. I just can't not put pictures on here. Sorry Gretta:)

Tango has been doing great! The only problem we've had was a couple weeks ago when he shed. He didn't eat for a little over a week. Everything I've read says it's normal for them not to want to eat while they're shedding, but dangit I tried. He is eating just fine now. OM NOM NOM!

We are all so happy with him. Cody loves for Tango to go in his shirt, especially the armpit area 'cause it tickles. I tried that the other day, and when he got to the bra vicinity, I no longer liked the idea of a snake in my shirt. Of course Bobby thought that was the funniest thing ever. Silly boy!

Here he is the day before he shed. Can you see how milky his eyes were?

Cody's pocket protector

I'm back!

Yesterday was the first day I felt the slightest bit optimistic about one day being healthy again. I've had a sinus infection for the past week, and it has been plain awful. It makes me feel even worse for Cody since I picked it up from him. I hate that he felt that bad. Evidently if I'm sick for more than a day or two, I turn into this life hating, hermit-like, recluse that wants nothing more than honey in my hot tea, pajamas and a blankie. I've hissed at the sunlight beaming through the windows. I've been content to sleep until 10:00, take a nap in the afternoon and hope that one day I could breath through my nose again, and be able to see without looking through swollen eyes. As luck would have it, that day is today:) I can breath, my throat doesn't hurt, no fever, I'm not achy, sneezing, or drippy. When I talk, it almost sounds human instead of the croak of a dying frog. Unfortunately, all of these things have been replaced with a headache, but that I can deal with. Today is good, which of course means I need to kick my ass in gear and get some work down around the house.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Between the Crawfords, Grama, and Lauren, Britney had over $100 to spend at Books-A-Million. Britney asked if we could go this evening. She had gone online and searched for the books she knew she wanted. We spent about two hours in the store and although they didn't have everything she wanted, she is quite excited! She bought four books for herself and a Webkinz. She also told Cody he could get something if he would like to. She's so sweet! Cody picked out two Goosebumps books and when we went to check out, the guy told us they are buy two - get one free! I have happy babies:) Thanks guys for helping feed their need to read!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birthday Parties

Britney had an awesome time at her spend the night party! I think it's safe to say the other girls had fun, too!

They were watching the clock, waiting for midnight to mark the official end of Brit's birthday. I took this picture while the clock changed to 12:00. I've heard lots of talk about the picture that took me two days to take:)~

We were invited to Zachary's 7th birthday party on Saturday. They had set up a big slip-n-slide in the backyard. Those kids had fun!

Cody stayed inside most of the party. Since he's getting over being sick, being wet outside on a windy day wasn't a good idea. He had fun playing on their keyboard though and he REALLY enjoyed the cake!

Emily sprayed Bobby!

The dads took their turns going down the slip-n-slide too:)~ The kids weren't the only ones that had a great time!

Friday, August 21, 2009


11 years old!
Britney with her new electric guitar! You rock girl!!

Where we've been as a family