Sunday, August 16, 2009

Um, that's interesting

Cody picked up a bug last week and it has progressed from a little cough to a sinus infection. We've tried to let it run it's course, but he just isn't any better. He's had a cough, fever, runny and stuffy nose, vomited once (from the sinus drainage and cough)...he has felt awful. I would usually call Dr. Davila's office and ask them to call in a prescription for an antibiotic. Davila knows we know what the heck we're talking about and he knows Cody's been sick enough for us to know how to handle it. Well, as many of you know, Davila's license has been suspended.

* I would like to publicly say that I support him and stand by him. He has always done right by Cody and Britney. *

Anyway, I was planning to find a new doctor tomorrow and take him, but decided I shouldn't wait. I took him to MedSurg today. The doctor, we shall call her Dr. Crazy, came in and started asking questions. (That in itself was interesting because I think she was trying to diagnose him...not sinus infection diagnose. She wanted to know if he gets sick a lot and she bets he gets a lot of ear infections. Has he had any surgeries?...) I told her he's been sick for a week, he has a sinus infection, and that the only medications I've given him was OTC cough medicine and Motrin when his fever was 101*. She listened to Cody's chest, checked his throat and ear. So what does Dr. Crazy ask me?

Dr. Carzy: "Have you given him anything for the cough?"

Me: "Um, yes. I just told you that. I gave him an OTC cough medicine, Triaminic"

Dr. Crazy: "Did you give him any nasal medications, like Flonase?"

Me: "No."

Dr. Crazy: "Well, I see here he takes Genotropin. I'm worried about drug interaction. Did you give him any Claritin or Flonase? What kind of medicine did you give him for his runny nose?"

Me losing my patience: "I've given him Triaminic and Motrin once."

Dr. Crazy: "I want you to continue using the OTC cough medication and I'll prescribe a nasal spray for him to use. I'll prescribe an antibiotic, but I don't want you to use it right away. Use the nasal spray and Triaminic for a couple days to see if that will stop his runny nose. If we can stop the runny nose, the infection will go away."

Me losing my temper: "What? He has a sinus infection. He's coughing up green and yellow crap. He has an infection. He needs an antibiotic."

Dr. Crazy: "Well, the green mucus doesn't mean he has an infection. It could be his body's natural defenses fighting."

Me shaking: "Look. Davila is his doctor and if I could take him there, I wouldn't be here. When
Cody gets a sinus infection, all I do is call the office and they call in a prescription for Amoxicillin. That always kicks it out in a couple days. Why would I continue giving him OTC meds? He's been sick for a week! He needs antibiotic!"

Dr. Crazy: "So he gets Amoxicillin? That works for him and doesn't interact with his other medications?

Me: "Yes, it works"

Dr. Crazy: "What other kind of antibiotics can he take?"

Me thinking...Why the hell do you need to know that?! Amoxicillin works! But I actually said, "He's taken others, but Amoxicillin works best. I don't want to use Omniceff."

Dr. Strange: "Why not"

Me: "It makes him have diarrhea."

Dr. Freak: "I'll write that down that he's allergic to it"

Me: "He's not allergic to it. That antibiotic is too strong and he gets diarrhea, but he's not allergic to it"

Dr. Nutso: "Well, I'm going to write it down under allergies anyway."

I think I growled at her at this point. She must have heard it because the room got quiet after that, except for Cody telling her we got a corn snake. (That boy LOVES Tango:) She soon left the room. A couple minutes later, she poked her head back in to ask how much Cody's weighs. A little later, she came in the room and handed me a prescription for Amoxicillin. She reminded me not to give it to him right away. Give the OTC meds a couple days to work. I took the Rx from her hand, drove to CVS and dropped it off, ran other errands, picked up the antibiotic, went home and immediately gave Cody his first dose.


  1. Some Drs are just dopey. Good for you to realize that you know best!

  2. Dr. Mom's know what is best for our kids. We had a great pediatrician too but she just moved back to South Carolina. We are seeing her office partner, Dr. Crespo, until they find a new doctor to join her practice & replace our doctor who left.


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