Monday, August 24, 2009


Between the Crawfords, Grama, and Lauren, Britney had over $100 to spend at Books-A-Million. Britney asked if we could go this evening. She had gone online and searched for the books she knew she wanted. We spent about two hours in the store and although they didn't have everything she wanted, she is quite excited! She bought four books for herself and a Webkinz. She also told Cody he could get something if he would like to. She's so sweet! Cody picked out two Goosebumps books and when we went to check out, the guy told us they are buy two - get one free! I have happy babies:) Thanks guys for helping feed their need to read!

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  1. So glad she is enjoying her new books! I hate shopping online only to go to BAM & discover they don't have it in stock there. What the crap?! Thus another reason, I prefer online shopping! Anywho....glad she had a great birthday!


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