Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creative Writing

I asked Britney to write a short story about what would happen if she found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. She went off to her room and a moment later, came back to ask, Does it have to be a 'pot' of gold? I told her no, and she went off to write the story. I can't help but to share it with everyone.

Potty O' Gold
By Britney Lackey

Once upon a time, there lived an old woman with a bladder issue. She was also very poor. One day, she was walking in the forest beside her house and was watching the pixies dance around the flowers. She looked up at the treetops, and saw a rainbow. She was so startled that she almost stepped on a pixie. She looked down and saw the pixie waving it's fist in the air and muttering crossly to herself. She said her apologies and looked up at the rainbow again. It wasn't that seeing a rainbow was unheard of there, but it had not rained in two weeks. Also it seemed the end of it touched the ground not far from where she was. She called her pet Griffin and they rose steadily from the ground. They followed the rainbow to where it ended, and saw the leprechaun not far from it. They touched down and the old woman got off. She gave the Griffin some bird seed and walked over to the leprechaun. On closer view, she say it was a girl with silver specks on her rosy cheeks. Also, it was facing away from her. She walked up to her, and nearly scared her out of her skin. The old woman apologized and asked if there was anything she needed. The leprechaun peered over at the woman and said in a high pitched voice, "You are the first human I've met that hasn't grabbed me and asked where my gold is. I grant you one wish and I'll give you my gold." The old woman stuttered her thanks and wished what any old woman with a bladder issue would wish. Then the leprechaun took the old lady where it's gold was. Right where the rainbow ended was a golden toilet with gold spouting out of the toilet bowl.

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