Friday, August 7, 2009

After we got our snake, we stopped at Petco to buy the remaining things we needed; heating pad, smaller water dish because the one I bought was too big, temperature and humidity gauges, and something for the little guy to eat. We asked the girl working if they carried frozen pinky mice. She took us to the freezer in the back, handed us a package, we checked out and headed home where I immediately stuck it in the freezer. I never even looked at it until yesterday when we fed our snake for the first time. I took the package out of the freezer and nearly fell in the floor laughing. The brand name is "Gourmet Rodent" HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Cody cut out the Geico advertisement from the Netflix envelope. I found this in the kitchen last night.
"I always feel like someone's watching me..." Advertisment works ladies and gentlemen!

Here's a picture of Bobby holding our snake this morning. He's longer than I thought so all those "He's about this big" hand measurements I've been giving people are wrong. He's about 14" or so and really beautiful. I love his color and we're really happy with his temperament so far. We just need to name him!!!

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