Monday, August 31, 2009

Tango Update

Per Gretta's request, here's a Tango Update...but there are pictures. I just can't not put pictures on here. Sorry Gretta:)

Tango has been doing great! The only problem we've had was a couple weeks ago when he shed. He didn't eat for a little over a week. Everything I've read says it's normal for them not to want to eat while they're shedding, but dangit I tried. He is eating just fine now. OM NOM NOM!

We are all so happy with him. Cody loves for Tango to go in his shirt, especially the armpit area 'cause it tickles. I tried that the other day, and when he got to the bra vicinity, I no longer liked the idea of a snake in my shirt. Of course Bobby thought that was the funniest thing ever. Silly boy!

Here he is the day before he shed. Can you see how milky his eyes were?

Cody's pocket protector

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  1. Wow he is really growing. And you know snake is going anywhere in my clothes. Wyatt LOVED seeing the pictures as I was reading your blog. He wouldn't let me scroll fast either but I sure tried (haha). Thanks for the update!


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