Monday, April 25, 2011


I can't stop messing with the blog today.
There are new options and fonts.
It's like a shiny new toy
And I am a kid.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We had planned on going to church with Karen and Keilee this morning, but due to some...personal reasons, I opted to stay home. I made the right decision. Ugh.

Cody making a Yoshi egg.

The eggs have eyes!

I made a huge meal...ham, green beans, stuffing, deviled eggs, fried potatoes, rolls and pineapple pie for dessert. SO FULL!

After dinner, I hid plastic eggs in the backyard. This was more for Cody. He was quite excited about an Easter egg hunt. However, once Brit found out some of the eggs had money in them, she was all about it:) She's saving up for her trip to Europe after all. Every dollar helps.

Tonight, Britney sketched an awesome picture of an owl while Cody and I played part of a game of Clue. Then I hid glow in the dark and Light's Out eggs in the front yard. It was fun to go outside with the flashlights and search for the eggs. The glow in the dark eggs weren't very...glowy but Brit and Cody had fun.

Then we watched Whose Line Is It Anyway on youtube. It was an episode they watched the other night while I slept. OMGosh...SO funny! One name...Richard Simmons. LOL...

Then they had hot chocolate. Now we're watching Phineas and Ferb, but I believe another episode of Fruits Basket will be on soon.

Great day:)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pineapple Pie

This is one of our most favorite desserts and it's so easy to make. We all like it so much that I always double the recipe and make two pies.

1 can crushed pineapple in it's own juices (do not drain)
1 package instant vanilla pudding
8 oz sour cream
1 graham cracker pie crust

Just mix the pineapple, pudding and sour cream together and pour into pie crust. That's it! I have found that it's best to sprinkle the pudding onto the pineapple and mix thoroughly and then add the sour cream.
Refrigerate until ready to eat. It's best to let it sit overnight. It's SO much better the next day!


Earth Day

While Bobby was working in the garden, with his hands covered in dirt, I suggested we do something for Earth go on a hike and have a picnic. He looked at me and said, I can't get much more Earth Day than this:)

After he planted the beans and cucumbers, he and Cody tilled and planted onion seeds in the front yard. It's the same place the pumpkins were planted last year.

After planting and getting cleaned up, we discussed hiking/walking options. We really enjoyed the WILDFLOWER HIKE we did with the group on Earth Day a couple years ago. We also had never been to the Green Mountain trail. We called around and Karen and Keilee decided to go with us. Since they had never been to Green Mountain either, that's where Bobby decided to go. No one else could make the decision:)

We really enjoyed our day together. It's nice to do things one on one sometimes. That being said, we would love to go back as a group. There is a large, shaded picnic area that we'd like to make use of. Plus there are a lot of fish in that lake Brit and Cody would like to catch :)

Happy Earth Day!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

the day

Today was suppose to be field day. It was rescheduled due to the weather, although it didn't rain. That's actually fine with me. It was a good day to stay home, warm and have a mandatory pajama day.

I took the library books back this morning, and worked on getting the laundry caught up. We had a delicious late breakfast. Brit rested in her bed for a while after not sleeping during last night's storm. She's felt a bit off lately. Bobby and Cody sat in the floor reading, laughing, joking, learning, connecting. Bobby also fixed a co-workers computer and added more dirt to the potato box. Later in the day Bobby sat with Britney and they went over some math. We ate pizza and watched Back to the Future II this evening. The kids have laughed and hugged.
What a blessed, joyful life! I am thankful for every single minute of it.

Day @ Dad's

Yesterday, we loaded up and headed to Dad's house to meet Rosie. She's visiting for the week and we had planned on spending the day together to meet her and eat too much. Guys...she's wonderful! They're so cute together and you can just see how in love they are. I can't put into words how happy I am for him. Well, for the both of them. Ah...

Shiloh, surveying her kingdom.

We had to run to town to pick something up for Dad. At first, I was in the backseat with Rosie and Dad was in the front seat. We made it to the stop sign, which is exactly one mile from his house, and they wanted us to switch seats so they could sit next to each other.

How sweet are they?!

Back at the house, Dad put on some music and we all danced.
Take time to dance. It's the little things, my friends.

Dad teaching Britney how to box step.

Rosie gave the kids each a chocolate bunny and gift card. That was totally unnecessary, but so kind and thoughtful. She's a lovely woman. And look at this cake she baked. SO cute!


This makes my heart sing!
I mean, just look at these two!

Where we've been as a family