Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day

While Bobby was working in the garden, with his hands covered in dirt, I suggested we do something for Earth go on a hike and have a picnic. He looked at me and said, I can't get much more Earth Day than this:)

After he planted the beans and cucumbers, he and Cody tilled and planted onion seeds in the front yard. It's the same place the pumpkins were planted last year.

After planting and getting cleaned up, we discussed hiking/walking options. We really enjoyed the WILDFLOWER HIKE we did with the group on Earth Day a couple years ago. We also had never been to the Green Mountain trail. We called around and Karen and Keilee decided to go with us. Since they had never been to Green Mountain either, that's where Bobby decided to go. No one else could make the decision:)

We really enjoyed our day together. It's nice to do things one on one sometimes. That being said, we would love to go back as a group. There is a large, shaded picnic area that we'd like to make use of. Plus there are a lot of fish in that lake Brit and Cody would like to catch :)

Happy Earth Day!

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