Friday, April 15, 2011


We've gotten some really good deals Yoplait yogurt, free Scotties tissue, free deodorant, cheap Nature Valley bars, Cheerios, Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage, etc. I'll try to post what I got/spent soon.

Last night, Bobby found some awesome deals online. We went through our coupons and had a stack of things to get at Walmart. I decided to go last night instead of waiting until today. This trip was SO exciting for me :) I bought $50.61 (before tax) worth of products for $1.59 (before tax)!!!
Here's what I got....

11 - .5 oz Men's Degree Deodorant $0.97 each
used 11 $1/1 = FREE

9 - .75 oz Poligrip Denture Adhesive (To be donated) $1.78 each
Used 9 Free up to $2 coupons = FREE

4 - Bic Comfort 3 razors (4 pack) $2.88 each
used 4 $3/1 = FREE

5 - Olay moisturizing bars (2 pack) $2.48 each
used 5 $2/1 - About $0.26 after overages



  1. My brain is BOGGLED at all your free goodies!!!! Just wanted to say howdy, and thanks for unlurking and saying hello!

  2. I just am blown away by you doing this!! Woot woot. Coupon QUEEN


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