Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chicken & Egg Festival ~ April 9th

The kids and I went to The Chicken and Egg Festival in Moulton with mom and David. It was nice to get outside on a beautiful day, but overall we were quite disappointed with it. The whole thing seemed like a money maker. They charged admission, plus EVERYTHING required to the petting zoo, tickets for the rides, tickets for bingo, tickets for the pony rides, etc. Tickets were $1 a piece. Five bucks to pet a lamb? I don't think so. On top of it being plain expensive, the whole point in us going was to learn more about chickens and keeping them in a backyard, and possibly seeing coop ideas. There was one small tent with chickens caged in it...maybe 20 birds. Wasn't quite what we expected to say the least.

Brit really liked this guitar.


The wolf carving was pretty awesome. I wonder how much it weighs.

Honey Bees

Mom, David and Cody
Cody picked out one of these Christmas spiders.

KFC anyone?

This calf was so sweet.

Cody thought this was the coolest tractor he had ever seen.

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