Sunday, April 3, 2011

Richard Martin Trail

We met up with the Crawfords on Saturday morning, and headed to the Richard Martin Trail in Elkmont. We parked The Beast at the southern most end of the trail, loaded up in Nettlevan and drove to the 'almost' middle point of the trail. The trail is fantastic! It's flat and well maintained. There are mile markers and benches along the way. Not to mention there's some very beautiful land...I wouldn't mind owning some of that:)

The first of many Geocaches.



Poor Zephyr was so hot...she plopped down in this puddle to
cool herself off.

She also scared off large, vicious beasts. She's so brave.

Take that horses! :)

We walked 6 miles! That's not too shabby since I was toting a kid most of the way. Matt helped out in that department, which I appreciate so much.

Cody and I headed home and Brit stayed with the Crawfords for a while longer. It was a fantastic day, but let me tell you, I slept GREAT last night!

I'm ready to walk the other half of the trail, but I think I'm going to look into finding some sort of child carrier backpack for the C man. I think it would be beneficial to both of us. My arms/hands and his legs wouldn't go numb from sitting on my shoulders for so long.

I love Spring:)

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