Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doctor's visit

Cody had a doctor's appointment at Children's Hospital on Monday. It was a routine check up with his Endocrine doctor. Yes, the one who stresses me out, and grills us about homeschooling. I decided ahead of time that that wouldn't be the case and we would have a pleasant visit. It was MUCH better than pleasant!

Waiting room fun...

They called Cody back to measure and weigh him. He gained in both areas. We waited a nice chunk of time before we were put in a room and then waited another larger chunk of time before the resident came in. She asked the usual questions and said how great Cody grew over the last two months. She seemed quite excited. I just didn't realize how awesome it was until after the doctor came in. He was beaming. He said that Cody grew 3.3 cm since February and he had gained almost a pound. That puts him at 6.5 cm a year (They hope for 5 cm), which means he's in the 96th percentile for linear growth! GO CODY! The doctor upped Cody's growth hormone dosage slightly and decided not to check his thyroid and growth hormone levels. Cody was SO happy about that. It's nice to leave there without any blood work for a change.

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