Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We had planned on going to church with Karen and Keilee this morning, but due to some...personal reasons, I opted to stay home. I made the right decision. Ugh.

Cody making a Yoshi egg.

The eggs have eyes!

I made a huge meal...ham, green beans, stuffing, deviled eggs, fried potatoes, rolls and pineapple pie for dessert. SO FULL!

After dinner, I hid plastic eggs in the backyard. This was more for Cody. He was quite excited about an Easter egg hunt. However, once Brit found out some of the eggs had money in them, she was all about it:) She's saving up for her trip to Europe after all. Every dollar helps.

Tonight, Britney sketched an awesome picture of an owl while Cody and I played part of a game of Clue. Then I hid glow in the dark and Light's Out eggs in the front yard. It was fun to go outside with the flashlights and search for the eggs. The glow in the dark eggs weren't very...glowy but Brit and Cody had fun.

Then we watched Whose Line Is It Anyway on youtube. It was an episode they watched the other night while I slept. OMGosh...SO funny! One name...Richard Simmons. LOL...

Then they had hot chocolate. Now we're watching Phineas and Ferb, but I believe another episode of Fruits Basket will be on soon.

Great day:)

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