Sunday, January 8, 2012

We're off the see the wizard...

Britney absolutely loves acting. She has wanted to entertain people since she was old enough to sing. Dad and I often talk about how she would get on the staircase and sing for us. If we weren't paying her enough attention, she would walk over, grab our faces and say "Look at me!"

When Cody was in the 1st grade, his teacher told us about auditions for 101 Dalmatians. She knew the kids would love to be on stage and she was right. Britney got the part of Pepper - a speaking role - and she was completely psyched! Cody was cast as a chihuahua, as was Keilee. That's how we met Karen and Keilee. Amazing how life works :)

That was all it took. That kid was hooked! After that, they both were in Enchanted Sleeping Beauty. Then Cody decided that he loves show week, but he doesn't like the months of practice beforehand. ESB was his last play. Britney went on to do Pocahontas and Seussical the Musical, along with the plays she did while she was in public school. Then the theater company stopped putting on shows due to financial reasons. Brit hasn't been in a play in over two years, which has been quite difficult for her. She has missed it so much. But in December she had the opportunity to audition for Wizard of Oz with another theater group! Talk about a happy girl! Plus a lot of our homeschooling friends auditioned.

Getting ready to audition...

On stage with her age group.

She did an awesome job! She got to read Dorothy's lines, which was the part she was gunning for. That was quite exciting for her! Everyone did such a great job and we found out the next day that she landed to part of The Gatekeeper in Oz! All of our HS friends got cast! How cool is that?!

She had her first practice on Thursday and LOVED it. She just beams when she's on stage. Don't worry baby. We're looking at you.

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