Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Last year, we really got into using coupons. We stocked up on everything from pasta and deodorant to croutons and dental floss. For months we added to our stockpile and then one Sunday we forgot to get newspapers. And then another and then...we just stopped all together. I don't have a good reason other than we just got out of the habit.

This year, we're trying to get back into the habit. This past Sunday we had a reason to get excited about it again!

Publix had Prego spaghetti sauce on sale buy one get one free for $2.15, which makes them $1.07 each. There was a coupon in Sunday's paper for 50 cents off when you buy two. Publix doubles coupons so it was a $1 off two, which made them...$0.57 each!

We were seriously excited! Like...high fiving each other :)

We've also picked up lots of freebies and moneymakers at Walmart. Yay coupons!

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