Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We went to the midnight showing of Eclipse last night! The kids and I have never been to a movie on its release date before. We had prepared ourselves by watching Twilight and New Moon...again, and we bought our tickets on Fandango. Are you singing the Fandango song now? I love those commercials :) We were pumped about going!

We thought we were going to miss the movie because Britney has had a sore throat. We...I mean I was worried about strep. I don't know why I overreacted. Maybe because of the recent pink eye crud. She was feeling much better yesterday and we have decided the whole problem is sinus drainage. Don't you just love summer allergies?

We ran by the theater yesterday afternoon to get our tickets. The lady in front of Bobby bought the last tickets for the movie - five theaters showing Eclipse and they were sold out. I'm glad we bought them early. The lady working told Bobby that the only way she could guarantee us 4 seats together was to be there by 9:30. I know waiting that long might be a downer for some people, but I was kind of excited. I mean, it's a new experience and you all know how we love an adventure!

We ate dinner and decided to take a nap. I think it's funny how the kids didn't sleep, but the adults did. I suppose that is some sign of old age, but refuse to believe it. I just haven't slept well recently. Yeah...that's it!

We left the house around 8:45. Here we are just before we left for the theater. I don't know why Cody's advertising for Pepsi.

We were in the lobby by 9:00 and were seated by 9:15.

Then we waited. The kids played with their Nintendo DS's for a while. Then they talked and laughed and had a great time. We ate candy and talked with other Twilight fans. We saw plenty of Team Jacob and Team Edward shirts. One guy had a Team Alice shirt :) I felt left out. Even Britney has a Twilight shirt.

The movie was fantastic and we had a great time! We got home around 2:30 and didn't get to sleep until after 3:00. We slept late and hung out at the house all day.

Hope everyone's having a great week:)


  1. You dawgs~ hehe! I'm super jealous but SO excited for you guys that you got to see it on its release date. That will be a memory the kids will probably always remember, too! What fun times.

  2. We loved it too!!! I would have liked to have seen it at midnight except for the whole "I would have probably been ASLEEP" thing. :)

    Kei has decided she is definitely on Team EDWARD. I seem to like whoever is with Bella unless they are both with her and then I like Edward. What a choice for a 17 year old girl huh?

    Miss you much!


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