Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th!

Last night we went to Pt. Mallard with my Dad so we could watch the fireworks. We got to the park around 7:00 and found a fantastic parking spot. We sprayed each other with bug spray and decided to walk around for a while.

Dad thought I was a bit weird to take a picture of the bathrooms, but I couldn't help it. Check out the line of women waiting compared to the non-existent men's line.

Cody got a green light saber.

As we were walking and listening to the contestants gunning for Miss Pt. Mallard, we found Heather, Lou and the boys! We sat with them for the rest of the evening. Like Heather said - It's always more fun with friends:)

On with the fireworks!

The traffic was horrible leaving the park, which is to be expected. But still. When we got home, Bobby found the snapping pops, sparklers, and smoke bombs. The kids had so much fun!

Hope you all had a safe and fun July 4th:)

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  1. It was so fun! And we need to work on the puppet/beat-boxing thing. ;o)


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