Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alabama Music Hall of Fame & Spring Park

Today we went to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. It's one of those places we've passed a hundred times, but we've never stopped. In fact, no one in our group had been there before today. I've often wondered if we would enjoy looking through this place.

The kids (and Suzette:) picked out their favorite star and did a rubbing to take home.

How cool are these jeans! I would totally wear them!

I love me some Dr Hook!

The kids loved going through Alabama's very first tour bus
-The group...not the state-
I wonder if Cody will drive like this when he's 16.

Only in the South

Hey look! Paul Anka is on this list! Lorelai Gilmore would be so happy!

They have a recording studio! You can buy a CD recording of yourself signing for $10 or a DVD for $15. After the kids played for a bit signing "Sweet Home Alabama" the girls recorded "The Eye of the Bison" LOL! They did a GREAT job, too!

Kid group shot :)

Mom group shot :)

Me and my babies
I have to say that Hall of Fame was better than I expected.
After we were finished with the tour and taking pictures, we grabbed some lunch at the BK and headed to Spring Park. This is only our second time to go there. It's a lot of fun, but dang it was hot today!

We rode the roller coaster over and over and over and...

and over. The kids LOVE that thing!

We had a really fantastic day with some of our bestest buddies, even if we were dripping sweat and dreaming of Cathy's swimming pool by the end of the day :)
~The End~

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  1. The music hall of fame looks awesome and Spring Park is one of our favorites....even though the jerky roller coaster always makes my neck sore the next day! It is worth it to have fun with the kids though. We miss you guys!!


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