Friday, July 29, 2011


Last Saturday evening we went to Epic for a meeting about Tent City. It was a great! Well, what we were able to participate in was great. About 20 minutes in someone came in and asked if anyone in the building owns a green Expedition. Bobby and I just looked at each other. I was like "It's not's gray" I think I said that in hopes that it wasn't our vehicle he was asking about. But he was like "Yeah, you just got rear ended" CRAP! The back of our vehicle was to the road, so Bobby and I both thought someone driving past hit the back end. We both envisioned pieces of bumper and tail lights strewn across the pavement. I am quite happy to say that we overreacted. A lady backing out of her spot ran into our front right bumper - opposite side of the other accident. So...two accidents in two weeks...neither one our fault. As much of an inconvenience as it is, we did get to meet a really nice woman out of it.

Dad and Rosie came up on Sunday to celebrate Bobby's birthday. I made a German chocolate cake and two pineapple pies the day before. Then on Sunday we had prime rib, a fantastic salad, a cabbage salad side that Rosie made and mashed potatoes. We played Sequence and chatted and just spent time together. Guys, they are SO cute together! And happy! I just love seeing my Daddy happy.

Brit borrowed a library book from Esther and it was due so we took off to Huntsville for the day. We returned the book, ate at Moe's, looked in Books A Million and Fresh Market. We bought some of these milk chocolate covered almond and toffee things. My birthday is coming up. I want more. SO GOOD! Then on our way home, we stopped by Cathy's to visit with her and check on her. Suzette, Emily and Zachary were still there so we got to see them. Plus Amber came back while we were still there. It was great to hug everybody's neck, ya know? I'm missing our besties.

I have felt less than spiffy this week. Sometimes I think being a girl is killing me. Literally.

Last night, we went to Hartselle to watch Annie. Keilee did a fantastic job! That kid just shines when she's on stage. We know several people in the play and they all did a fantastic job! Definitely makes us miss plays.

This morning the kids and I went to get an estimate at the local Ford place. They came up with $924.09 to fix the damage from the second accident. Then we went to Huntsville to meet with the claims adjuster for the other insurance. They came up with $7oo and something so I'm hoping it won't be an issue to get the other $200 out of them. On our way back into town, we stopped at Mom's and hung out a while so we wouldn't wake Bobby up coming home. Then I paid a bill and we went to the store. The kids bought themselves a new Wii game. They are so happy! Plus we picked up stuff to make Lumpia! YUMMO!!!!! Oh! And ice cream. We needed ice cream.

I'll upload pictures from this week soon. I'm beat right now.

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