Friday, October 8, 2010


Karen emailed out THIS site today. We LOVE it! Well, I guess that isn't a big surprise. I've never met anyone who loves Halloween as much as my kiddos :) There are SO many fun and easy activities and crafts. We read a little about the history of Halloween, printed out coloring pages and paper banners, and Britney made an origami bat. Then I pulled the boxes out of the shed and we decorated the front porch.

Cody, as always, is so very excited it's almost Halloween. He is literally counting down the days. Oh, and this is what he'll be wearing. He'll also be carrying a bloody knife. AH!
The costume we picked out for Brit didn't quite work. That kid is tall! So she's still trying to throw something together. I'm not sure what I'm dressing up as either. Maybe a cowgirl? Yee Haw!

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  1. Cody's mask is CREEPY! I love it and your house rocks....wish we lived closer so we could bring the kids trick or treating!


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