Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spider Monkey

Have you ever wondered what a spider monkey hyped up on Mt. Dew really acts like? Come on. I know you've heard the expression before. Well, I used to envision this guy
running all over the house, on the furniture, tables, the microwave, clawing and scratching people, while screeching his banshee cry. I was correct on all accounts, except he actually looks like thisI keep telling him Crack is Whack and Just Say No, but he is clearly addicted to something. Jesus, please protect us from the spider monkey cat. Amen.


  1. LOL! TWO! You need TWO so they beat each other up. It's the law of the spider mon-...uh, cat.

  2. BEWARE THE SPIDER-CAT!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! lolz yall should finish trick-or-treating in your neighborhood anc come over here! we miss you!

  3. LOL @ Heather!

    Tori, we miss you too! Sorry we didn't make it over there tonight. It was just too late by the time we finished up. Hopefully we can get together soon. Love you!!

  4. That is too funny Gina!! Love it!


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