Thursday, October 7, 2010

Broken Britney

Yesterday afternoon, the kids and I went outside to throw the football and frisbee. We played around, goofed off, took silly pictures and threw the ball and frisbee some more. I threw the football at Brit and when her hand hit it, she hit the ground. We thought she had jammed her finger. We all know how painful that is! Well, her pinkie continued to hurt worse, continued to swell and continued to change color.

I called Cathy to ask her opinion on the matter, then I called the doctor. He told me to tape it up last night, and to come in the office today. She was seen by the nurse practitioner, and then we were sent to the hospital for x-rays.

In the doctor's office today

Her finger is fractured and she is being referred to an orthopedist. We should hear from someone tomorrow. Hopefully, she won't need surgery to repair the damage, but I was told several times that she may have to.

My poor Britney :(

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