Sunday, March 20, 2011

Walgreens & Kroger

We've been very happy with our coupon usage! We're saving money and have been able to stock up on a couple items. That's what this is all about. I've really been looking forward to our first grocery store shopping trip using coupons.

Last night, I was searching this week's sales and coupons I could combine with those sales. Kroger was the best place to go. But before Kroger, Britney and I went up to Walgreens and picked up some freebies:)

14 Snickers Cream Eggs
They are on sale 2 for $1
With the $1 off 2 that was found in today's paper, they were FREE!
Well, .63 cents...even with FREE, you have to pay taxes:)

Then we were off to Kroger. Here's our haul...

16 boxes Annie's Natural Mac and Cheese
14 Butterfinger Snackerz
10 Michelina's Entrees
4 Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta
4 Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta
3 Heluva Good dip
2 bottles Suave shampoo
2 bottle Suave conditioner
2 packages 2% Kraft sliced cheese
2 Pure Protein Bar
1 box Triscuits
1 box Wheat Thins
1 box Wheat thin Stix
1 Dole Fruit Crisp
1 Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese Dinner
1 block Velveeta

Total Before Coupons $107.86
Total Paid

I am very pleased! I know there's room for improvement, but still...that's a lot of savings:)

I'm going back in the morning to pick up some more of the pasta. They had run out and were getting a truck in tonight. Hopefully, I can load up on pasta...for FREE!

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  1. That's great!! We only saved $17 with coupons and the card today, but that was enough to top off the van on the way home. : )
    I love Annie's!


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