Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cody's 10th

On Friday night, Cody had his very first spend the night party to celebrate his 10th birthday! He had SO much fun! We pigged out, Cody opened presents, we watched movies, played games and laughed like crazy:)


Britney decided there were too many boys in the house and went home with Emily.

She left this on her door:)

Pizza Face

~Happy Birthday Cody Man~

They played and played with the Nerf gun.

Ninja vs Ninja

Watching Mega Mind

Pillow Fight!


Pancakes for breakfast...yummo!
Thanks guys for making Cody's 10th birthday so special! We love you!

We went over to David and mom's to pick up the tiller...that's another post. Anyway, while we were there, mom gave Cody his present. He's been wanting this guy for so long! He LOVES it!

Back at home, Cody introduced his other robot to R2. His other robot FREAKED out! I am not kidding. It made noises we've never heard it make before!
At least they're getting along today...

R2 carrying Cody's drink. This guy is great!


  1. Looks like he had a great birthday! So glad you all survived and had a great time. That robot is awesome...especially since it carries your drink around!

  2. Carson had an AWESOME time and I'm so glad Cody enjoyed it too! You guys sure put on a great party. :o)


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