Monday, September 14, 2009

It's like Christmas...

...for weirdos!

Halloween is Cody's FAVORITE holiday. He loves the decorations, costumes, candy...I mean the more skeletons and blood hanging around our house, the better. Esther gave Cody an Oriental Trader magazine full of Halloween goodies and mom sent him a magazine from Buy Costume. Cody has carried them around for several days. He sleeps with them. They went on our adventure yesterday. He LOVES them!

Cody has been asking to get our Halloween decorations out, so Bobby and I went out to the shed to get them...all three boxes! Three! REALLY?! That's a lot of stuff! Cody and Brit had so much fun opening and going through the boxes and bags. It was like Christmas morning. "Oh! Look at this! I remember this one! This is mine from Disney World! *SQUEAL* It's my severed arm!!"

That's my boy.

We have two remote control rats, a remote control spider, skeletons, pumpkins, tombstones, masks, spiders and webs, caution tape, bloody stick-ons for the window, eyeballs, creepy candy dish, bat lights, pumpkin lights, Frankenstein and spider wind socks...


  1. I know where to bring the kids to trick-or-treat this year!! Too cool.

  2. LOL I know that Cody loves him some Halloween. It doesn't seem like it should be time for Halloween stuff. Kei wants to be Edward Scissorhands...where I am gonna find that without paying a fortune!!

    We miss you all!


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