Friday, September 18, 2009

Morgan County Fair Photo Contest Entries

Color Animal #1

Color Animal #2

Color Animal #3

Color Object

Black and White Object

Color Portrait #1

Color Portrait #2

Black and White Portrait

Color Nature #1

Color Nature #2

Color Nature #3

Color Human Interest #1

Color Human Interest #2

Black and White Human Interest #1

Black and White Human Interest #2


  1. These are lovely photos, you are very talented. I take a few photos but my sphere is words.
    Glad to meet you.

  2. AWESOME PICTURES!! Did you enter them all? You are bound to win a favorite is the fly photo! Such beautiful detail and you can see every aspect of that fly.

  3. Terra~ Nice to meet you, too! Thank you so much for the comment:)

    Thanks Gretta! The two sunset pictures didn't print as well as I had hoped, so I may not use them. It's hard to pick! They have to be turned in tomorrow so I better decide quickly!

  4. Great pictures Gina! I really wanted to pop over and peek at them during drop off, but it's a good thing I didn't - stupid flu. Anyway, they are great! Aren't you glad you don't have to judge?

  5. Thanks Heather! Yours are amazing and I especially love the dragonfly. Good luck!!

    I hope you're feeling better:) Dang piggy flu!


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