Friday, September 11, 2009

Animal Lovers

I've gone through this stage of wanting to watch movies I watched when I was a kid. I suppose this is a sign of getting older, but I refuse to believe that. Let's see...some of my favorites are Flight of the Navigator, Short Circuit, The Last Star Fighter, Gremlins and Critters.

We bought Gremlins really cheap at Walmart one day. I was beyond surprised at the language in the movie. The rating system was just so different then. PG-13 should have been R. At any rate, the kids have seen it. We've gotten the other movies through Netflix. Yay Netflix!

Critters came in the mail, and we decided to watch it after a game of Clue. (Britney won! Go Brit!) I quickly realized that I had forgotten the whole movie. I mean everything! Did you know Billy Zane is in it?!

The language isn't near as horrible as it is in Gremlins. The kids thought it was funny and suspenseful and kind of gross at times, but I discovered something about them this evening. They would rather watch a person be killed and eaten by a Critter, than a poor defenseless little kitty. That animal better not be harmed! They showed little concern for the police officer being shredded underneath the car, and who cares about the father's shoulder getting gnawed on? Not my babies. The well being of Chewy the Cat is far too important.


  1. I LOVE Flight of the Navigator! I use to watch it ALL the time when I was little.

  2. David & I were thrilled when The Last Unicorn came out on DVD a few years ago because it was a childhood movie we both loved. We had family movie night with the girls and were thrilled to share it with them....until we realized all the language in it! Like you, we didn't remember all that from being a kid watching it. We had to turn it off. Funny how things are different when we are older and have kids.


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