Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today's Adventure

Last night, we decided to take advantage of Bobby's off time and good weather to go on an adventure today! We narrowed it down to a couple options, but decided to head toward Desoto State Park. We were going to stop at Unclaimed Baggage on the way, but it's Sunday and they're closed on Sunday. Oh well...on to Fort Payne:)

The kids watched Critters again on our way there and are anxiously awaiting the other movies to come in the mail.

LOOK! I was there, too!
Photo by Bobby

To say we are a bit disappointed in Desoto Falls would be a major understatement. It was like someone standing on the top of a hill peeing and not the gushing waterfall you see in the pictures.

Then we stopped in Mentone to look through the shops that were open. We've driven through there a million times, but this was our first time to stop.

Doesn't this look like the door handle in Alice in Wonderland?!

Beautiful 9 week old King Shepherd. Say it with me...

After that, we made a stop at Sequoyah Caverns to check it out. We had talked about camping there, but their campground is closed until the spring for renovations.

LOOK! Bobby's taking pictures!
On our way home, I read one of Cody's Goosebumps books. He sure does loves those books! He was laughing, and couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next:) I love it because it's the first time he's been excited about books!

It was just a wonderful day spent with our family.


  1. Beautiful pics but I agree that the Falls sucked (can I say that word on a blog, LOL). Glad you guys had a great time anyway. The shops look really cool.


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