Saturday, March 30, 2013


It's been a slow week around here.  Britney has been sinusy and sickish, I'm feeling puny and since Bobby's working nights, we've slept late and laid low.  Dakota has been in complete game mode recently so we've played A LOT of board, Wii and computer games and that's been about the extent of our excitement.  We had talked about going to the Family Farm and Fleece Day today but Brit looked at me like I was nuts when I brought it up last night.  So the kids are still in bed and I've just been looking online at blogs, coupon deals and whatnot.

I enjoy blog hopping occasionally.  I never know what I'm going to find.  Last night a friend of mine shared a link on FB for 25 FREE Spring Craft Projects for Kids.  I quickly glanced at it on my phone while I was half asleep and found one in particular that I wanted to do with Britney and Dakota. This morning, it took some doing to get back to that site and it the course of finding that particular post, I found a post for a SmartLab giveaway on her blog.  Why have I never heard of this site?  Brit and Dakota may be a bit advanced for some of their products but I think they (especially the boy) would really enjoy a good bit of their stuff.  For instance, the giveaway is for the Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab.  I think they would love that!  I may have to buy it even if I don't win, but I sure hope I do! Oh, and also, you can sign up for SmartLab's newsletter and receive a code via email for 25% off.  Yay science fun!

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