Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Britney's eyeballs & Toys R Us

Britney and I had eye exams last week.  I just needed a check up, it's been about 4 years since my last one and I stopped wearing my glasses 2 years ago.  Turns out, my eyes are stronger now that they were.  I'm still getting glasses to use while I'm reading.

Britney's exam was for contacts.  FINALLY!  :)  That kid has been wearing glasses since she was 7 or so and has wanted contacts for years. 

Her trial pair came in over the weekend and we were originally going to wait to get them when my glasses were there too.  One trip to Huntsville and all, but yesterday Bobby and I decided to surprise her and go ahead and pick them up.

We had to schedule her a little class to learn how to put them in and take them out, care for them, etc.  She had some difficulty getting them in, but finally did...just as the lady told her she had to take one back out.  Brit was like "Noooo!"

Both contacts in!  Just look at that smile!
She was SO happy!  I mean, smiling like a fool, giggling, spinning around, jumping up and down, running to the windows to look outside happy!  It was very cool for her because she could see things better than she can with glasses.  It was like she was seeing the world for the first time.  It was awesome!  I told her I can't wait to take her camping and hike to some amazing overlook for her to see.

Her contacts are $$$!  But we'll find a way to make it happen.  I did tell her when she gets a job, she'll have to start paying for them :)

When we were finished there, we headed over to Toys R Us.  Dakota got a gift card for his birthday.  We had a blast!  Brit's eyes were HUGE as she looked at everything.  She had a permanent smile on her face :)  We looked at nearly everything...twice.  We were in there a long time going back and forth from LEGOs to DS games to movies to Poptropica and Adventure Time figurines back to LEGOs...

Dakota bought himself a blind pack LEGO minifig and a Nintendo DS game.  I bought a new Candy Land game.  Don't judge!  We still play Candy Land, but we don't even have the box anymore, just the board and some of the pieces.  It was on sale and with a coupon, I picked that sucker up for $1.99.  We played it four times last night :)  Brit came home with some new My Little Ponies that she was geeked about finding.  Oh and a new charger for her DS lite.

Then we sort of spontaneously decided to go to Tennessee and pick up lottery tickets and hit Moe's on the way home.  YUM!

Awesome day :)

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