Monday, March 11, 2013

Hey batter, batter!

About a year after my parents divorced, we moved to Athens.  I was 9.  To be honest, I don't remember why or how we got involved with softball.  I had never been involved in any other sports, but that's when I started playing city ball.  To say that I loved it would be an understatement.  It was amazing in every way I could imagine something to be amazing.  And I was really good at it.  I finally found something I was really good at.

I made all stars my first year.  I was so proud of myself.  I had never been so proud of myself.  I loved my coaches and having team mates.  I guess I would say that that's the first place and time I felt like I belonged. 

I have other photos of me from those young softball years but this one was on the computer.
I was 11 or 12 when this was taken

I have played every position, but never spent much time in the outfield.  I wanted to be infield with all of the action and I guess that's where the coaches wanted me to be.  I played city ball in Athens until I started high school in Decatur.  I tried out and made the team and was made catcher.  Catcher...that was a lot of pressure, but I loved it.  I was actively involved in every single play when we took the field.  I spent hours and hours separately and in addition to team practices working on my skills.  I would 'catch' the pitch and throw to second base from a kneeling position over and over until I could do it without thinking.  I threw hard and accurately and made lots of outs using that skill.

I absolutely loved softball.  I could not imagine my life without it.  I remember thinking "I will never not play."  But that hasn't been the case.  I played through my sophomore year and then quit school and got my GED.  I had a family.  I played for a couple years after high school for different city teams.  Slow pitch is just...different, but I adjusted and still loved playing.  I love smack talking people and I'm competitive as hell.

Epic has a women's softball team (and they're pretty good I might add!) Last year I wanted to play, but was pretty much told that all of the positions had been filled.  I was really disappointed.  I truly believe I NEED something like that.  Something just for me.  That's why I tried my hand at roller derby...competitive, physical, mentally challenging....but it just didn't work out with it being in another city and The Beast eating as much as it does.

A couple weeks ago, someone from Epic, Amy, posted about the softball teams.  They were toying with the idea of adding a co-ed team.  They wanted to know who was interested in playing and if you wanted to be on a women's team or co-ed.  Man, I was geeked!  I'm fairly certain I sent in the first email :) I would LOVE to be on a co-ed team again.  I don't know...there's just something about it.  It's more competitive.  Anyway, I sent an email, said I'm definitely interested and that I'd prefer co-ed but of course would be on the women's team.  I got a response that day and then...nothing.  I hadn't heard a thing directly.  I know the games start in about a month so I contacted Amy again.  I don't want to miss out this year and I especially need to practice.  At any rate, I got my money to her yesterday and she's working on a practice schedule and will hopefully get that to us this week.

Guys, I am SO excited :)  I got my glove, batting glove, and cleats out of the box they've been hiding in in the garage for YEARS.  I bought some glove conditioner and a softball.  We've been throwing every day and I've been exercising and eating better.  My arms, shoulders and legs are sore and it feels awesome!  It means that I'm actually moving.  I really think this will give me a boost of incentive to get fit and healthy.

Happy Gina!  :)

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